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TUMI's Virtual Stores:  Retail Innovation

                                 Source:  TUMI Virtual Store

TUMI's Virtual Stores

Global luxury brand TUMI, headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ, is launching a highly innovative, virtual store platform. to deliver an immersive, multichannel retail experience.  The virtual approach will roll out to customers in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East.  The virtual store launch ties into the debut of TUMI's spring 2021 collection of bags, luggage, backpacks and other luxury travel items. TUMI defines itself as a leading international lifestyle, international travel and performance brand.

Digital Retail 

TUMI's virtual store is a look at the future of digital retail.  Using interactive touchpoints, customers will be able to explore products through 360 degree, 3D and AR (augmented reality) presentations. They can also share photos on social media through TUMI's Magic Mirror.  The technology even includes Instagram and WeChat mini-games.  


The virtual store is called TUMI O2O, or offline to online/online to offline.  The virtual store is connected to other TUMI shopping channels through its Chat & Shop functions.  It allows easy access to salespeople and to checkout.  For those shopping in a TUMI physical store, the virtual store can be accessed via kiosks.  The intent is to connect with customers where ever they are.  It is a look at the future of virtual, digital shopping and retail.


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