Audi's Electric & Autonomous Car Concept For the Future

 With Last Mile Mobility Solutions

                                 Source:  Audi Neo-Bauhaus

A Future Car With Everything

Audi has created a car concept for an amazing travel future.  The car is all-electric and fully autonomous.  Importantly, it also provides solutions for the last mile of the journey.  The Audi Neo-Bauhaus has big enough trunk space to carry a bike or e-scooter.  During the last mile or so of the journey, should you get stuck in a nasty traffic jam, you can pull out your bike and pedal to your destination.  The car waits for the traffic to clear and then drives itself to a parking spot.  If it is programmed to go to a charging station, then it will be charged and ready to go when the driver returns.

Designed For Generation Y

The Audi Neo-Bauhaus concept was designed for Audi by freelance designer Simon Grytten.  He says the vehicle was created for Generation Y, those 25 to 40 years old who love innovation and want the "Next Big Thing".  The concept vehicle is built around the user and their needs.  The e-motors are placed on the wheels making the 2 passenger cabin more spacious than a fossil fuel car.  The vehicle contains panoramic glass and large displays.  This is an exceptional concept car that Audi has in its pipeline of new forms of mobility. And, it uniquely enables the driver to switch mobility systems from car, bike or scooter during the course of their journey.


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