Professional Soccer Clubs Using AI To Prevent Player Injuries

Source:  Stock Image of Soccer Match

Gamechanging Tech

A California based, AI company Zone7 is using artificial intelligence to analyze performance data on elite professional soccer players to predict, and thereby prevent, when they are at risk for injury.  A number of professional soccer teams in Scotland, Spain and elsewhere are sending their training, game and health monitoring data to Zone7.  Zone7 uses their algorithm to analyze the data against their huge data base on sports injuries. As part of its analytical base, the company uses 200 million hours of soccer data going back one year. On a daily basis, the company sends their client teams emails warning if  any of their players are in the "danger zone" of being injured.

Impressive Results

Spain's soccer team Getafe has been using the system for more than a year.  They say their team injuries are down 66%.  For every 3 injuries they had two seasons ago, they now have 1.  Using AI and deep learning, Zone7 finds patterns that repeat themselves before such events as knee or hamstring injuries.  The company explains to team officials why the player is at risk, which allows the team to adjust and work to prevent the injury.

Many Uses of AI

The many valuable uses of AI are accelerating.  AI can drive a car, create robots, provide facial recognition to activate your smart phone and now it is being used to predict the likelihood of sports injuries.  Many professional sports teams are using many forms of technology to monitor their players' physical health and performance.  The technology includes tests for flexibility and strength, heart rate training data, medical data, GPS vests, watches to monitor health, sleep and more.  Now AI using big data and machine learning, can forecast when a player is in danger of an injury.


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