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NASA Space Vacations to ISS

NASA's New Tourist Destination:  ISS

NASA Partners with Axiom
Space exploration company Axiom of Houston, Texas  is partnering with NASA for a big launch of space tourism.  Tourists will be able to visit the International Space Station (ISS) as early as 2024. Axiom is a private US space station manufacturer that is building, what it hopes will be, the world's first commercial, international space station.  CEO Michael Suffredini is the former program manager of the ISS for NASA.  This is a big business alliance, with tremendous expertise behind it, for launching tourists into space.

Advanced Luxury Space "Hotel" Priced as High as $35,000
The Axiom space vehicle is an impressive piece of technology. First of all, it will be led by a trained astronaut, have a crew and also research labs on board.   It  has the biggest space observation window ever built into a space capsule and the state-of-the art interior was designed by the top French-based hotel and yacht designer Ph…

China Wants Space Economic Zone

China's Bold & Ambitious Space Plans

Trillions of Dollars at Stake In 2020, China secured a leadership role in space exploration.  It made the first landing on the far side of the Moon with Chang'e-5Ti, its mission service module.  Since that space milestone, China has stated that it wants to establish a "Space Economic Zone" between the Earth and the Moon.  From mining minerals to establishing in space solar power, the zone is projected by Chinese officials to be capable of generating $10 Trillion a year for China by 2050.
Specific Goals News of China's goals and intent came in a speech given by a top official with China Aerospace Sciences and Technology (CASC), which is China's main, state-run space contractor.  To reach its space goals, China intends to develop low cost launch and space vehicles to exploit the economic potential of space.  CASC wants breakthrough space travel and exploration technology by 2040.
Space Planes and More China's space ambi…

Space Tourism Adventure of a Lifetime

SpaceX and Space Adventures Join Forces to Launch Tourists into Space

Orbiting High Above the International Space Station Elon Musk's SpaceX and Virginia based Space Adventures are joining forces to send four tourists on a dedicated Crew Dragon mission to space.  Crew Dragon is a completely  autonomous spacecraft developed by SpaceX with three windows.  The design and windows are aimed at providing tourists, scientists and astronauts with a great view of the earth, moon and solar system as they whisk through space. The tourist space trip will last for five days and will fly in orbit twice as high as the International Space Station
World Altitude Record Targeted The flight will occur in late 2021.  It's aimed at setting a new world record.  Targeting an orbit twice higher than the International Space Station will result in the world altitude record for private citizen space flight.  ISS orbits at an altitude of 410 kilometers.  Crew Dragon wants to orbit at an altitude of 1000 ki…

NEWS: Biggest Explosion in Universe Detected

Bigger Than Big Bang

Huge Explosion in Universe From Light Years Ago Just Detected By Global Team
Astronomers using data from the most advanced NASA, European Space Agency, India and Australia telescopes have just discovered the biggest explosion that the universe has ever experienced since the Big Bang.  It happened in a galaxy 390 million light years away from the Earth.  And incredibly it took place in slow motion over hundreds of millions of years.  The science to discover this phenomena is remarkable and the details emerging on events going back into space from such a distance and time are amazing, innovative scientific discoveries.

Supermassive Black Hole in the Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster
The global team of astronomers say the explosion they detected released five times more energy than ever detected before.  The explosion came from a supermassive black hold in a galaxy called the Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster nearly 400 million light years from the Earth.   The power of the explosion wa…

BMW's All-Electric i4 to Debut in Geneva

2020's Much Anticipated EV

All Electric with BMW Traditional Styling The much anticipated and very important BMW i4 will make its world debut at the 2020 Geneva Auto Show next week. The all-electric vehicle is crucial to BMW leadership and a key weapon in their war with Tesla for EV customers globally.  The BMW i4 is BMW's top entry into the all-electric premier car segment.
Electric Details What's particularly exciting about the BMW i4 is that it's an all-electric, five-seater with very long range performance.  BMW says it can drive up to 434 miles on a single charge.  The EV will be available in all-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions and has BMW's fifth generation eDrive.  There are reports it may offer two battery versions:  an 80 kWh battery and a 60 kWh version.  The vehicle has up to 530 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. We'll have all the details and a finalized version of the hot, new EV in early March.

Life on Mars - New Explorations

NASA Diligently Searching

What's Underground on Mars? NASA scientists have a fascinating and very innovative theory.  They're exploring the possibility that some forms of life could be supported underground and inside caves on Mars.  They believe there's a chance that water may exist underground to support life on the Red Planet.
2020 Launch In July 2020 NASA will launch its Mars 2020 rover with a mission to search for life on the Red Planet.  It will touch down on the Martian surface on the targeted date of February 18, 2021 at a location called Jezero Crater.  NASA calls the area  one of the most scientifically interesting landscapes on Mars.
Search for Water and Life Jezero Crater was once home to an ancient river delta that may contain signs of microbial life. The possibility exists that there is water underground on Mars.  Exploring for water and life is rover's big mission.   The rover will join lander InSight that recently detected seismic activity on Mars.  In fac…

Dubai E-Buses on Electrified Roads

Dubai's Electric Experiment

Wireless Charging on the Move
Dubai is testing electric buses that can pick up charging while on the move.  The dynamic wireless charging unit is embedded in a 60 meter stretch of roadway in the city.  It uses a new technology called "shaped magnetic field in resonance (SMFR). The result is seamless charging of the electric bus without it having to stop at a charging station.  What's fascinating is the system can be used for personal transportation like an electric car as well as public transportation like electric buses.

Electrified Roads and Electrified Vehicles
This new technology is designed to overcome battery limitations of range, cost of charging and finding a location to charge the vehicle. The SMFR embedded road system activates when a sensor picks up that an electric vehicle is driving over it.  A pickup coil is attached to the underbody of the EV to make the connection work and the charge flow into the EV.  The system cannot be seen on…

NASA Discovers Quakes on Mars

Robotic Lander InSight Discovers Red Planet Has Seismic Activity

Hundreds of Marsquakes in the Past Year NASA's robotic lander InSight has delivered some big discovery and innovation dividends.  InSight  just detailed, for the first time, that the Red Planet Mars experiences quakes like the Earth and the Moon.  NASA has called the shakes, rattles and rolls on Mars "Marsquakes".  Incredibly, InSight has detected 450 seismic events on Mars in the past year as it has explored Mars on the ground.  20 of the quakes were significant and in the 3 to 4 point magnitude range.
NASA First According to NASA, this is the first time that they've established that Mars is a seismically active planet.  InSight's observations will help scientists better understand how rocky planets like Mars and the Earth form and evolve.  And the lander's sensors also detected significant winds swirling around Mars.  In fact, there are thousands of passing whirlwinds whipping around Mars.
Mars Q…

Polestar Precept: EV that's Sustainable

Volvo Owned Company

Debuts at 2020 Geneva Auto Show
The Polestar Precept is a highly advanced, all electric vehicle that's being called "the EV of the Future".  Polestar is a Volvo owned company that is just starting to establish its brand,  The Polestar Precept will be unveiled at the upcoming 2020 Geneva Auto Show.  The 4-door grand tourer concept contains eye tracking technology, a highly advanced digital interface and a uniquely sustainable interior.

Environmentally Correct
The all electric vehicle has interior panels and seat backs made of a flax based natural fiber. The fiber results in a 50% reduction in weight and an 80% reduction in plastic waste.  The car seats are made from 3D knitted recycled plastic bottles.  The carpets are made from recycled fishing nets.

Digital Interface
There's a 15 inch touchscreen in the center of the cabin.  And, there's a 12.5 inch display in front of the driver. Smart sensors monitor the driver's eyes and adjust the displ…

NEWS: Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

Moderna New Vaccine Goes to National Institutes of Health

Ready for Phase One Human Trials While the deadly Coronavirus continues to take its toll globally, a new vaccine offering hope for prevention is on its way to the NIH in Washington, DC.  This is the first Coronavirus vaccine going into clinical trials by the NIH.  Moderna, a biotech company specializing in vaccines & headquartered in Cambridge, MA, has invented what it calls  the mRNA-1273 vaccine to prevent the Coronavirus infection.  The NIH is going to begin Phase 1 trials for human use.  Turnaround time and availability could be within a year
Overnight Share Price Lift Moderna announced that it was shipping the vaccine to the NIH last night.  The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ.  In overnight trading, Moderna shares were up 15% on the news.  Over the past few years, the company has created more than 100 vaccines and therapies for clinical trials. Fear of the Coronavirus and its global economic and human health im…

Flying Zero Gravity on a Plane

Space Weightlessness Flights Coming to a City Near You

Experiencing Space Travel at 24,000 Feet The space and travel innovation company is called Zero Gravity Corporation. It has specially modified a Boeing 727 to provide the experience of weightlessness for passengers.  It's just like you're travelling in a spaceship hurtling through the universe past the Moon.  The privately held company is headquartered in Arlington, VA and has been taking guests like Tesla & Space X founder Elon Musk and movie director James Cameron for the zero-gravity flight of their lives.  It is now in the process of greatly expanding its commercial operations.
The Zero-G Life Passengers in the US will be able to have the weightless flying experience in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Seattle, Austin and from a number of cities in New England. Zero Gravity CEO Matt Gohd says "It's like being an astronaut". Zero-G is coming to a ci…

Firefly Species Facing Extinction Globally

Number of Environmental Factors Encroaching on their Habitats

New Global Research One of nature's most beautiful and mysterious creatures - fireflies - are under threat globally.  This is another vestige of the perils of the global environment which is warming and being altered by Climate Change.  There are a number of causes to this existential threat including habitat loss and pesticides.  But a surprising new cause has been added by scientists to the mix.  The global expansion of light pollution from electric lights is causing major disruption to fireflies' nocturnal flights.  The world's light pollution is adding to the environmental stress already harming the global firefly population.
Vanishing Natural Beauty A global assessment involving 350 top firefly experts has just been released.  Their conclusion is that some of the 2,000 species of fireflies now face extinction.  They found that fireflies are rapidly vanishing from many places where they were abundant.  Ironica…

BMW's 2020 Commitment to Cut Emissions

BMW Vows to Cut Its Carbon Emissions in Europe by 20% in 2020
BMW's Aggressive Carbon Emissions Commitment Concerns about the economic risks of CC are growing globally and pressure is mounting on businesses to join the low carbon economy.  The global automotive industry is responding by rolling out a growing number of new, zero emissions and hybrid electric cars and other vehicles.  BMW has announced that it will cut its carbon emissions by 20% in Europe in 2020.  They say 2/3rds of the cuts are coming from their electric and hybrid vehicles and the remaining from new, more efficient combustion engines. This is impressive, immediate action to fight climate change that is leading the way for global automakers.
G20 Cites Climate Change in its Communique for 1st Time in Trump Era

CC Watch But No Risk Warning from G20 Financial officials from the world's 20 largest economies cited Climate Change in their final communique for the first time during the Trump Administration. In the comm…

MIT Uses AI - Discovers Antibiotic - a 1st

MIT Scientists' Antibiotic Breakthrough

Drug Kills Antibiotic Resistant, Killer Bacteria MIT scientists have achieved a world first.  They've used artificial intelligence (AI) to discover what may be the world's most powerful antibiotic.  The power and promise of the drug is its ability to fight the growing global epidemic of deadly bacteria  resistant to antibiotics.  The World Health Organization calls these bacteria one of the biggest threats to global health.  The MIT discovered molecule kills antibiotic resistant, killer bacteria.
Machine Learning Algorithm The key to the MIT team's success is artificial intelligence and the powerful algorithm they created.  The MIT scientists say the algorithm was inspired by the architecture of the human brain.  The algorithm analyzed millions of chemical compounds and thousands of drugs to identify those with enough attributes to kill e-coli.  Through the process, they identified a molecule called Halicin, which had been investig…

EV's Driving on Sunshine

Solar Powered Driving Charged at Home

Elon Musk's Latest Brilliant Idea One big plan that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is executing on with speed is his solar roof business which includes solar panels and solar batteries. His vision is to use the Sun's solar power - at home - to provide energy to your home and also power your electric car.
One Stop Sun Power The concept is brilliant.  It could provide large scale, additional charging power for EV's.  But at the moment, it's also expensive.  Musk's solar roof and his Powerwall battery can cost the homeowner $83,000 for installation.  Musk wants the installation to take 8 hours.  At the moment it takes about two weeks if you include removing the old roof.
Expanding the Business and Lifting the Share Price Musk is currently operating his solar roofing business largely out of California.  But he plans to expand it initially into 17 states. Musk says solar is an extremely important part of his business that could eventually rival h…

Possible "UFO" Sighting Over California

Flying Drone, Flying Car or UFO?

"Alien Vessel" Caught on Tape Over a Car This is a strange case of a fast flying object - white with a cloud-like appearance - that a driver accidentally taped on his smart phone through the car's open sunroof.  He turned over the tape and reported the incident to California authorities.  The incident happened in Santa Clara, California on a highway close to San Francisco Bay.  The question is what was it:  a flying drone, flying car or a UFO?
Caught on Tape The video of the object can be viewed on the enclosed URL.  The object moved with great speed and is only visible for a second or two.  The object is flat and elongated.  UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base examined the tape and concluded that  it's very similar to other alleged UFO's sighted over the years around the world.  He adds "there's a very real probability that it's a real UFO'.  He speculated that the "alien vessel" might have come from …