Females Own Super Bowl Teams 2020

A First in the 54 year old History of the Super Bowl

Source:  KC's Norma Hunt with QB Patrick Mahomes and Safety Tyrann Mathieu

Women and the Business of Football
For the first time in the history of the NFL, the 2020 Super Bowl teams are each owned by a woman. Norma Hunt, known as the "First Lady of the NFL" is the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. And, billionaire businesswoman Denice York is the owner of the San Francisco 49'ers. This is a first in the 54 year history of the Super Bowl.  The global news agency Reuters is calling it "Sustainable Business".  Football is an overwhelmingly male-dominated sport but having women owners/leaders in the front office is putting some big cracks in the glass ceiling.

First Female Super Bowl Coach
There is yet another first with today's big game.  Katie Sowers will be the first female coach on the Super Bowl field as the Assistant Offensive Coach of the SF 49'ers.

Chief's Norma Hunt
Norma Hunt is a very active leader of the KC Chiefs, which her late husband Lamar founded.  She runs KC with her son Clark. She's been to every Super Bowl game during the past 53 years and she hopes her team scores a win. If they do, it will be huge as they haven't won a Super Bowl since 1970.

49'ers Denice York
Denice York is a very successful businesswoman who ran the DeBartolo Corporation and owned and served as President of the Pittsburg Penguins.  She runs the 49'ers with her husband and son. The head of the NFL Roger Goodell says both teams are the best in football and just happen to be led by women.  "That's a first!!" 


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