Running Shoes Put Spring in Your Step

Nike's Vaporfly

Source:  Nike Vaporfly

Springboard Empowered Running
The $250.00 Nike Vaporfly running shoe has been cleared for use by elite runners in the upcoming Summer 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  The shoe appears to be the ultimate high tech innovation in running.  There's a carbon plate built into it that's designed to provide the runner with a spring in their step.  It's the world's first hi-tech springboard for runners that is getting tremendous results.

Incredible Track Record
Over the past year, runners wearing Vaporfly have recorded the five, fastest marathons ever.  And since the Vaporfly launch, the number of Adidas sponsored runners winning major marathons has been cut in half.  This is big business.  Running shoes are a $13 billion industry that's projected to grow 5% during each of the next 5 years.

"Technological Doping"
Critics have called the innovative technology shoe "technological doping".  But, the Olympic Committee has just decided not to ban the current Vaporfly model from the Games at the elite running level.  The Vaporfly is part of the intensifying technological arms race that global athletic shoe companies are launching to provide their sneakers with a competitive edge before the high profile 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.  


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