Sustainable Electric Flying

UK's EasyJet's & US Wright Electric Partner on Commercial Electric Plane

Source:  Wright Electric Proposed E-Aircraft

Green Partnership, Aggressive Time-Line
Low cost airline group EasyJet of the UK has announced plans to collaborate with US electric plane startup Wright Electric to develop an electric engine for a 186 passenger electric commercial aircraft. Their goal is sustainable, electric commercial flight that ushers in an era of emissions free, cheaper and environmentally friendly flying. Their time frame is aggressive.  In 2023, they plan to test flight the electric motor and in 2030 fly the new aircraft.

London to Paris by Sustainable Flights
Wright is developing electrical systems big enough to carry 186 passengers, the crew and a 1.5 megawatt electric motor(s) on its electric aircraft. The Wright 1 plane will be able to fly an hour on a charge.  It's designed for short haul travel such as London to Paris.  Electric planes have zero to very low emissions, reduced fuel costs resulting in less expensive flight and much lower noise levels.  Wright Electric is also partnering with the British aerospace giant BAE systems to accelerate R&D on an electric plane.  


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