Jaguar's Totally New EV Concept

Vector Concept That's Electric, Autonomous & Urban

Source:  Jaguar Land Rover Vector

Designed for Urban Mobility & Destination Zero
Jaguar Land Rover just unveiled a brand new concept electric vehicle, Project Vector, that CEO Ralf Speth says is "autonomous ready". This EV is designed for private, shared and commercial use in urban areas. It looks more like a shuttle van than a traditional car.  But, it's very important to Jaguar Land Rover.  They are collaborating with what they call "the brightest minds in academia" at the UK's National Automotive Innovation Center at the University of Warwick, supply chains and digital services to create a connected, integrated mobility system to get to "Destination Zero".  That's a destination that has zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion.

Future of Driving
The design of the Vector is a form that's becoming very popular with global automakers.  It's a future of shared mobility vehicles that are both electric and autonomous. The front and back of the low floored vehicle appear almost identical.  There are sliding glass doors that open from the middle to provide maximum ease to enter and exit.  The bottom of the EV contains the battery and the drive train that power the Vector.

Configurable and About to Be Piloted
The EV has a steering wheel for human control but it's also "configurable". Jaguar says it can go autonomous and the interior can be rearranged for passengers being driven autonomously or to transport goods. For Jaguar, this is not just an exercise in creativity.  They intend to put the Vector on the streets of Coventry, UK in 2021 as a pilot in what they call "a living laboratory for future mobility".  


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