NASA Space Vacations to ISS

NASA's New Tourist Destination:  ISS

Source:  Axiom
NASA Partners with Axiom
Space exploration company Axiom of Houston, Texas  is partnering with NASA for a big launch of space tourism.  Tourists will be able to visit the International Space Station (ISS) as early as 2024. Axiom is a private US space station manufacturer that is building, what it hopes will be, the world's first commercial, international space station.  CEO Michael Suffredini is the former program manager of the ISS for NASA.  This is a big business alliance, with tremendous expertise behind it, for launching tourists into space.

Advanced Luxury Space "Hotel" Priced as High as $35,000
The Axiom space vehicle is an impressive piece of technology. First of all, it will be led by a trained astronaut, have a crew and also research labs on board.   It  has the biggest space observation window ever built into a space capsule and the state-of-the art interior was designed by the top French-based hotel and yacht designer Philippe Starck.  This takes space tourism to a whole new level.

Space Nest
The interior is designed like a "nest" according to Starck with hundreds of nanoLEDs that change color and embedded touchscreens and handles. It will also have Wifi. Starck said the space provided him as a designer and the future occupants "multidimensional freedom" as it is zero-gravity with no horizontal, vertical or diagonal limitations.

Ticket Takes Money & Fitness
The Axium-NASA module is designed for fully trained astronauts whose nations aren't members of the ISS and for private citizens.  If you can pay the price, you also need to be very fit to get a seat.  Travelers to space must clear a physical and then 15 weeks of very rigorous training that includes jet flights, extreme environment endurance and suborbital space flights.  If you clear, you get one ticket to ride.


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