UK Going All EV by 2035

UK Accelerates Ban on Combustion Engines

Source:  City of London

Committed to Cutting CO2 Emissions
The United Kingdom is aggressively banning the sale of new gas, diesel and hybrid cars starting in 2035.  That's five years ahead of the previously announced schedule.  The ban is aggressive and even includes plug-in hybrids.

The UK's automakers association, the SMMT, is sharply critical of the new measures. They are asking for more government support right now to make the changes sustainable and support jobs during the Brexit exit.  UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK is committed to cutting their CO2 emission:  "As a country, as a society, as a planet, as a species, we must act now."

Europe's Major Commitment to the Environment
Demands for electric vehicles is surging in the UK, which is Europe's second largest car market. The government is funding $3.25 million to build 1,000 new charging stops for EVs on city streets. Europe is steadily moving forward with plans and targets to cut CO2 emissions. For example:
  • Norway will phase out the sale of new cars with combustion engines by 2025
  • The UK will ban gas, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035
  • France will ban gas powered, combustion engine cars by 2040
Europe is leading the way in cutting carbon emissions on its streets, highways and byways for a greener , cleaner environment. 


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