AI Battery Big Boost for EV's

AI Helping to Develop Super Fast Charging, Longer Lasting Batteries for EV's

Source:  E-Cars Charging stock image

Breakthrough Approach by Toyota, Stanford University & MIT
Using AI, researchers at Stanford, MIT and Toyota have developed a vastly accelerated approach to fast-charging, long lasting batteries for electric vehicles.  The team is using a new AI machine learning method.  It slashed battery testing times by 98% and the researchers say that is a key to creating the EV Holy Grail of supercharging batteries.  The researchers say their AI approach may make a recharge take a couple of minutes like refueling your car at a gas station.

AI Trial and Error at Warp Speeds
The AI method is enabling the team to quickly identify what's working to create ultra-fast and long range batteries.  In fact, they've been able to cut the trial and error of experimenting with different battery development approaches from 2 years to 16 days.  Their goal is to create extremely fast charging times and ranges.  Their AI process accelerates development in every component of the battery development process. Battery power and bringing down battery costs are the keys to global widespread use of electric vehicles.


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