EV's Driving on Sunshine

Solar Powered Driving Charged at Home

Source:  Tesla

Elon Musk's Latest Brilliant Idea
One big plan that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is executing on with speed is his solar roof business which includes solar panels and solar batteries. His vision is to use the Sun's solar power - at home - to provide energy to your home and also power your electric car.

One Stop Sun Power
The concept is brilliant.  It could provide large scale, additional charging power for EV's.  But at the moment, it's also expensive.  Musk's solar roof and his Powerwall battery can cost the homeowner $83,000 for installation.  Musk wants the installation to take 8 hours.  At the moment it takes about two weeks if you include removing the old roof.

Expanding the Business and Lifting the Share Price
Musk is currently operating his solar roofing business largely out of California.  But he plans to expand it initially into 17 states. Musk says solar is an extremely important part of his business that could eventually rival his Tesla electric vehicle business, which dominates the global EV market.  One Wall Street analyst is so impressed with Musk's solar vision that he just raised the Tesla target share price by 27% to $928.00, which is a high for Wall Street, Tesla and Musk


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