NEWS: Biggest Explosion in Universe Detected

Bigger Than Big Bang

Source:  NASA

Huge Explosion in Universe From Light Years Ago Just Detected By Global Team
Astronomers using data from the most advanced NASA, European Space Agency, India and Australia telescopes have just discovered the biggest explosion that the universe has ever experienced since the Big Bang.  It happened in a galaxy 390 million light years away from the Earth.  And incredibly it took place in slow motion over hundreds of millions of years.  The science to discover this phenomena is remarkable and the details emerging on events going back into space from such a distance and time are amazing, innovative scientific discoveries.

Supermassive Black Hole in the Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster
The global team of astronomers say the explosion they detected released five times more energy than ever detected before.  The explosion came from a supermassive black hold in a galaxy called the Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster nearly 400 million light years from the Earth.   The power of the explosion was enough to punch a hold into the gas surrounding the black hole that is big enough to contain 15 contiguous Milky Way galaxies.  This is amazing scientific discovery through breakthrough telescope innovation.  What it means to the formation of the Universe and Earth as we know it, is the next chapter of the history of the Universe.  


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