Norway Leading the World on EV's

Norway Shows Refueling Industry How to Evolve

Source:  Norway Electric Cars

Big Oil Goes to Norway to Learn if Roadside Refueling Is At the End of the Road
More than 50% of new cars sold in Norway are now electric vehicles.  In one city Bergen, one out of every 5 cars on the road is electric.  That's the most for any city in the world.  By 2025, Norway wants to end the sale of fossil fuel powered cars.  It's the new world of zero emissions driving and Norway is leading the way.  But,where does that leave traditional gas stations?  Big Oil is looking to Norway to find answers.

Norwegian Tours
Canadian refueling giant Alimentation Couche-Tard says Norway is its laboratory.  The company is following what works in Norway.  It's converting a number of its gas refueling stations to electric recharging stations. The company is also offering home and workplace recharging services.  Norwegian officials says oil industry executives are coming to Norway for gas station retooling tours.

Forecasts on Growth of EV's and Decline of Gas Refueling
Sales of electric cars, SUVs, trucks and bikes are forecast to accelerate throughout the decade.  By 2040 at least 50% of the cars on the road globally will be electric -- a milestone that Norway has already reached.  Studies suggest that at least 25% of gas stations could be closed by 2035.  A more aggressive study forecasts 80% of gas stations will be shuttered.


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