Possible "UFO" Sighting Over California

Flying Drone, Flying Car or UFO?

Source:  stock image of UFO

"Alien Vessel" Caught on Tape Over a Car
This is a strange case of a fast flying object - white with a cloud-like appearance - that a driver accidentally taped on his smart phone through the car's open sunroof.  He turned over the tape and reported the incident to California authorities.  The incident happened in Santa Clara, California on a highway close to San Francisco Bay.  The question is what was it:  a flying drone, flying car or a UFO?

Caught on Tape
The video of the object can be viewed on the enclosed URL.  The object moved with great speed and is only visible for a second or two.  The object is flat and elongated.  UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base examined the tape and concluded that  it's very similar to other alleged UFO's sighted over the years around the world.  He adds "there's a very real probability that it's a real UFO'.  He speculated that the "alien vessel" might have come from an underwater base in San Francisco Bay.  This is the latest sighting of alleged UFO's from outer space.  



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