Sliding Glass Door: Remote Pet Control

New Device to Remotely Let Pets In and Out  Thru Your Sliding Glass Doors

Source:  Wayzn Automatic Pet Door Device

Wayzn Automatic, Smart Pet Door With Your Smart Phone 
A new invention turns your sliding glass doors into a very smart, automatic pet door when you're not a home.  It puts you in control of the pet going in and outside through your smart phone.  The device is called Wayzn..  The company, which is US based,  says  the device can be installed by the owner within minutes. The smart device detects the pet at the door and sends the owner an alert to let the pet outdoors or to come back inside. The process is remotely handled by the dog/pet owners.

You and Your Dog Working Remotely
The device works with a camera and smart speakers like Alexa and Nest to give the human owners full control remotely of the sliding glass doors no matter their location. The company says this works with all standard doors and is much more secure than traditional dog doors.  It also folds away when it's not needed.

Lots Of Tech
The Wayzn device is motion activated.  It is "internet of things" integrated and controls the door by using a smart speaker, integrated camera, smart collar tag on the dog and more sensors.  The whole system is controlled by the Wayzn mobile app and costs $399.00.  As a dog lover, I find this new innovation very interesting.  


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