GM's Electrifying Goals

Electric Goals for 12 New Models on the Market  by 2023

Source:  GM Chevy Bolt EV 

Cadillac Leading the Way
GM is launching a dozen, brand new, electric vehicles by 2023.  The new EV's are coming from a number of its divisions, including Chevrolet. But,  first and foremost is Cadillac, which for GM is leading the electric, zero emissions driving way of the future.

Two Cadillac electric SUV's will be the first to launch, followed by the GMC Hummer electric pickup truck that was teased in an ad during the 2020 Super Bowl.

Next are three more Cadillac EV's and six Chevrolet, Buick or GMC EV's by 2023.  GM's plans were unveiled during a Wall Street analyst meeting in February.  The EV's will join GM's growing lineup of hybrid and all electric vehicles including their all electric bikes, the Meld and the Merge that can be purchased in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Designed to Be Profitable
GM CEO Mary Barra says, she has designed GM's EV strategy to be profitable.  In order to reduce production costs, GM will use skateboard chassis that are built for various sizes.  Some of the new GM EV models include:
  • Ride sharing, driverless, autonomous minivans
  • Cadillac hatchback
  • Chevy Bolt compact hatchback
  • Cadillac compact luxury SUV
  • Large, luxury SUV's including from Cadillac
EV Global Environment
There are several keys that experts and analysts are looking for to facilitate big, widespread use of electric vehicles. The infrastructure of recharging station locations needs to be greatly expanded here in the US and aboard.  Also to appeal to the masses, EV's need to have a range on a single charge close to that of cars with internal combustion engines.  And the prices of EV's have to become comparable to that of traditional fossil fuel powered vehicles.  Pushing the technology innovations to make all of this happen are the tightening standards to reduce carbon emissions that nations around the world are implementing.


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