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SpaceX Building Starlink Internet Network

Grows to 835 Satellite System     Source:  SpaceX Starlink Launch

Moderate Coverage for North AmericaSpaceX launched 60 more Starlink internet satellites into orbit on Sunday with another batch ready to launch on Wednesday.  The Sunday launch to build an inexpensive global internet service brings the total sats deployed to 835 satellites.  That is enough to reach CEO Elon Musk's target of 800 deployed satellites in low Earth orbit to start testing for moderate internet coverage for parts of North America.  This was Space X's 14th launch of Starlink satellites.  To achieve global broadband coverage, Musk says he plans to launch 120 new Starlink satellites per week.Incredible TechnologyNot just the Starlink technology is incredible, so too is the rocket technology for launch that's being deployed.  The Sunday launch was aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket's sixth flight.  After the successful launch, the first stage of the rocket landed on an off-shore drone ship.  This was th…

4G Network For the Moon Being Built

NASA & Nokia's Bell Labs Building Lunar Connectivity
    Source:  4G stock image

Wired, Connected Moon for AstronautsNASA and Nokia's Bell Labs are building a 4G network on the Moon.  Bell Labs has been awarded a $14.1 million contract for the project.  Bell Labs is partnering with spaceflight engineering company Intuitive Machines.  The purpose is to provide US astronauts with a more robust means of communications.5G Coming NextAs is happening on Earth, the 4G network on the Moon will be upgraded to 5G over time.  The 4G system is being built to withstand the Moon's radiation, extreme temperatures and space's vacuum.  The astronauts will use the 4G network for data transmission, control of lunar rovers, streaming of high definition videos and for real time navigation of the lunar surface.  Bell Labs will deploy small cell technology, which is much smaller and requires less energy than the traditional cell towers on Earth.2024 Artemis Mission to the MoonThe establish…

Amtrak's New Acela 2 - US Fastest Train

New Acela 2021

    Source:  Amtrak  Acela

Speed Testing for 165 MPHAmerica's fastest train, the Acela, is going to go faster.  It's being speed tested at a 30,000 acre facility near Pueblo, Colorado for its rollout in 2021.  The train will hit speeds of 165 mph in the Boston to Washington, DC corridor.  Amtrak is calling it "a gamechanger". The actual increase in speed is about 15%.More Energy EfficientThe new Acela will use 20% less energy, carry 25% more passengers and cut 15 minutes off the train trip between Boston and Washington, DC which takes about 5 hours,  And, there is a lot of new technologies being incorporated into the Acela trains.US vs. Asia and EuropeIn terms of fast train technology, the US is behind both Europe and Asia.  The primary reason is the lack of investment in new infrastructure that can carry high speed trains.  Some parts of the Boston to Washington, DC train corridor are 100 years old.  Europe and Asia, particularly China, have the infrast…

Green Hydrogen Trains Taking Off

Green Hydrogen Trains from Siemens Energy & Siemens Mobility
Source:  Stock Image of Hydrogen Trains

Green Sustainable Energy and Green TravelNewly listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Siemens Energy has signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Siemens Mobility to jointly develop and sell hydrogen systems to power trains.  This is another new and important example of the hot and expansive development of hydrogen fuel cell technology.  The two companies have several goals.   They want to standardize the technology for fully hydrogen powered trains made by Siemens Mobility.  They also want to sell the technology to external companies to promote the "hydrogen economy of Germany and Europe".Smart Green LinkageSiemens Energy is developing green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable sources like wind and solar power.  Siemens Mobility specializes in transportation and is still part of the parent company Siemens.  Siemens Energy was spun off from the parent in Jul…

The Elon Musk Factor by Edward Kane

Musk's Latest SpaceX and Tesla Breakthroughs     Source:  Amazon

#1 New Release on AmazonJournalist Edward Kane's latest book "The Elon Musk Factor" is now the #1 new release in Aeronautics and Astronautics and has been the #1 new release in Automotive Engineering on Amazon and Kindle.  It is listed in Amazon's Hot New Book list.  For a free preview, go to   I co-authored the book with Ed.

Jet Pack Flier Spotted at 6,000 Ft over LA

Second Recent Jet Pack Sighting Over LA

Source:  JetPack Aviation

JetPack Aviation SPEEDER Gets Ready for Take-offOnce again over Los Angeles, the sky offered an amazing sight of a pilot in a jetpack soaring 6,000 feet above the Earth.  It was the second similar sighting and the flights were apparently not authorized by the FAA.  Enter JetPack Aviation's flying motorcycle SPEEDER that's set to do its first test flight.  SPEEDER is the world's first jet powered, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying motorcycle.  JetPack Aviation says it had nothing to do with the two mysterious, jetpack flights over LA.Technology Promise of SPEEDERJetPack says with the flip of a switch SPEEDER will be able to hit 300 mph in the air, carry 600 pounds and fly at an altitude of 15,000 feet. They say that's the potential of their SPEEDER flying motorcycle technology.  That would make a trip from LA to San Diego possible in 20 minutes.  SPEEDER can be piloted or flown autonomousl…

China's Very Hot EV Maker Nio

Nio, EV Maker Taking on Tesla 
Source:  Nio

Hot Global StockShanghai based electric vehicle maker Nio wants to take on Tesla and be the "Tesla killer".  It's share price on the NYSE has been soaring.  It's up 1000% since it cratered in March at $3.00.  It is now up to $26.50, Big Wall Street houses like Citi are calling it a buy.  They've put a target price of $33.20 on it because of it's "very strong order backlog", its efforts to cut battery costs and its growing market share.  Nio is back by two Chinese tech giants, Tencent and Baidu. The Nio EV car, shown above, is an example of Nio's fashionable, futuristic design in EVs.Nio's Different ApproachNio's business approach is innovative.  It has heavily focused on creating a brand, including selling Nio hats and merchandise on line. It offers battery-swapping, mobile power vans and "Nio Houses" which are Nio showrooms that can also be used as "Clubhouses".  Nio has upgr…

New European EV With Sporty Style

French Carmaker Promises Lineup of Electric Innovation

               Source:  Renault

Megane eVisionFrench carmaker Renault unveiled a very sporty electric car concept called "Megane eVision".  The company is betting on medium sized, family vehicles to try to turn itself around and move away from losses.  Under new CEO Luca de Meo, the company is on a new trajectory with a big push on electric vehicles.  The strategy is also to focus on its most profitable models and push up prices.Innovation Packed EV's PromisedThe new electric vehicle has SUV style large wheels but is much smaller.  CEO DeMeo says a whole new generation of innovation packed EV's will be coming from Renault.  The new car will be the first built on vehicle architecture developed jointly by Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi called the CMF-EV platform.  The final model to go into production will be unveiled in 2021.  Renault currently makes a small electric car known as Zoe.

New eBike Travel Vehicle

Segway's C80 e-Moped

    Source:  Segway

New Electric Moped To Get Around InE-bikes are the one of the hottest sectors of electric travel.  In fact, analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Fund expect the global number of electric bikes to hit 600 million by 2040.  Enter a new e-bike.  The Segway eMoped C80.  This is Segway's first ever Moped style ebike.  Segway was founded in New Hampshire by entrepreneur Dean Kamen who invented an innovative, self-balancing, 2-wheel scooter.  Segway was bought in 2015 by Ninebot of Beijing and is now China headquartered.  The new ebike is loaded with advanced  technology.eBike CapabilitiesThe C80 has a 50 mile plus range on a single charge and costs $1,899 to pre-order.  Segway says the ebikes will start shipping in November.  It is loaded with anti-theft technology.  It has an air-lock system,  GPS tracking, keyless operation via your smartphone, NFC tags, smart seat detection and auto-lock mode, all embedded in the vehicle.  It has a 750 W motor w…

Renewables: 80% of New Power Generation 2030

Rise of Solar Power

    Source:  Stock Image of Solar Panels

A Greener WorldAccording to the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol, solar is the "new king of the world's electricity markets".  In its annual World Energy Outlook, the IEA forecast that solar power will overtake coal as the largest means of energy production in 2025.Solar vs CoalThe question is how did the world reach this green turn of events?  The answer is that in many countries, solar power is now cheaper than coal and gas.  Also, a number of nations have set strong targets to cut emissions and reduce fossil fuel use.  And, solar projects have become less expensive to manufacture and install.Fast ForwardThe IEA projects that over the next ten years, renewable energy will equal 80% of new power generation.  However, there is one big need to support the switch to renewable energy:  an investment of at least $460 billion in energy grids to accommodate more renewable energy s…

Apple's New Hi, Speed iPhone 12

Launch of new iPhone 12 Series with 5G

 Source:  Apple

Mini and Pro VersionsAt its Hi, Speed virtual event, Apple launched its iPhone 12 series with 5G connectivity.  There is a mini version, the iPhone Mini  with a 5.4 inch screen for $699.  And there are the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro version, both with 6.1 inch displays and the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7 inch display. The larger phones start at $799.  The Pro versions have three cameras. Apple says the new phones will support millimeter wave 5G, which is the fastest available in the US, and works with lower frequency bands as well.  Can Wireless Network Technology in the US Fully Support the new iPhone?Many experts believe that US wireless networks need to catch up with the iPhone 12's 5G connectivity to enable consumers to enjoy the full 5G experience.  Some say that catch-up process could take a few years.  But, Verizon says the phone will work with its ultrawideband 5G network in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. …

Tesla Cuts Prices on Model S

Driving Sales to Reach 500,000 Vehicle Sales Target Source: Tesla Model S

Model S in US and ChinaDays after reporting a record quarter for car sales, Tesla is now cutting the price of the long range, Model S by 4%.  That brings the price of the electric sedan down to $71,990 from $74,990 in the US.  Tesla also trimmed the price of the Model S by 3% in China.  Earlier this month, Tesla cut the starting price of China-made Model 3 sedans by 8% to $36,805.Elon Musk's Targets for TeslaAt a recent annual Shareholders' Meeting, Musk forecasted that Tesla's 2020 deliveries will increase between 30 and 40%.  That equals 477,250 to 514,500 vehicles delivered in the year 2020. Cutting the price on top vehicles is designed to increase sales. Musk wants Tesla to have eventual production of 20 million vehicles a year, which would make Tesla the world's largest automaker.

Europe Going for Electric Vehicles in Record Numbers

2020 To Be Record Year For EVs in Europe

    Source:  Audi

New AnalysisIn the first half of 2020, electric vehicles comprised 8% of car sales in Europe.  According to a new analysis by NGO Transport and Environment, EV's are on track to triple their market share for all of 2020 in Europe.  This is very significant growth despite the COVID pandemic clobbering overall vehicle sales.  The actual number of EV's sold in Europe is expected to double to 1 million for the year 2020.European Regulations and IncentivesIn the broader picture, several factors are helping to increase electric vehicle sales.  The European Union is tightening car emission standards and will continue to ratchet-up standards to reach its 2030 EU climate goals on carbon emissions.  Plus, Germany and France have put attractive EV purchase incentives into place. Overall, electric and plug-in hybrid EV's will account for 10% of European car sales in 2020.  The big winners are the environment and EV automakers li…

Apple iPhone 12 To Offer 5G Speed

iPhone 12To Debut Tomorrow

Source:  Apple Headquarters

Are US Wireless Networks Up to It? Apple will unveil its much anticipated iPhone 12 on Tuesday, October 13th.  It is expected to offer blazing 5G speeds.  5G wireless technology operates 10 to 20 times faster than current 4G wireless networks.  Unfortunately, experts say most US networks cannot deliver 5G speeds so most US customers won't be getting a 5G experience for several years.  Ironically, in China and South Korea, 5G networks are established and widespread.  So, purchasers of the iPhone 12 in China and South Korea will get 5G coverage.iPhone's Virtual UnveilingApple will unveil the new 5G phone at a virtual event tomorrow.  It has a tightrope to walk in not overpromising what its very real 5G technology can deliver over US wireless networks that need to catch up with the iPhone 12's speed.Moving ForwardCurrent 5G networks in the US use low band spectrum or airspace.  It is slower than high band but more reliable …

Beauty of Space Through NASA & Telescopes

Magnificent Space Images from Global Telescopes           Source:  NASA

Cosmic Delight Through Advanced TechnologyNASA has released a spectacular display of cosmic images from highly advanced telescopes positioned around the world and in space.  This is the universe seen through the prism of the latest technology - gamma rays, radio waves and infrared. The image above is that of the Cartwheel Galaxy.  It shows a small galaxy passing through a "bulls-eye" galaxy stretching more than 150,000 light years.  It was caught on tape by X-ray imaging from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.Messier 82     Source:  NASA

This is another spectacular image.  The Messier 82 galaxy is pictured in X-rays and optical light using data from the Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra.  The galaxy is immense, spanning 20,000 light years.  Its formation is the result of repeated supernova explosions.Dancing Stars Source:  NASA

Finally, another favorite is the image of two massive stars of the Eta Carinae …

Virgin Orbit Readies for Take-off

Satellite Launching Business

Source:  Virgin Orbit

Targets $1 Billion ValuationRichard Branson's satellite launching business Virgin Orbit hopes to raise $200 million in a round of funding.  That would place the valuation of the company at $1 Billion.  The money will be used to fund satellite launches and for capital expenditures.   The Wall Street Journal first reported Branson's target of $200 million in funding.747 Jumbo Jet ApproachBranson is using highly modified 747 jumbo jets to launch, from mid air, rockets carrying satellites and place them in orbit.  The target market is small satellites ranging from the size of a toaster to a household refrigerator.  The satellites are placed in low Earth orbit for highly sophisticated services ranging from commercial applications to national security information gathering.  Launches can originate from any airports capable of 747 take-offs and landings.Space CompetitionVirgin Orbit is in direct competition with Jeff Bezos' Blue Or…

The Elon Musk Factor - An Amazon Top New Release

 A#1 New Release on Amazon   Source:  Amazon

Musk's Latest SpaceX and Tesla Achievements For the past week, journalist Edward Kane's latest book "The Elon Musk Factor" has been a #1 new release on Amazon and on the Amazon Hottest Book list.  To learn about the entrepreneur's most recent breakthroughs in electric vehicles, automotive engineering, space travel and renewable energy, take a free preview at  I co-authored the book with Ed.

AR Goggles For US Army Military Dogs

 US Army'sUnique, Innovative Technology

    Source:  US Army
Purpose: Better Communication, Protection & Safety For Soldier & DogThe US Army is developing augmented reality goggles for military dogs to help them better protect their soldier partner and themselves.  The goal is to allow soldiers to give dogs specific directional commands when not in the direct line of sight.  This innovative technology development is being funded by the Small Business Innovation Research program. AR Goggles for Dogs vs. For PeopleAR goggles for dogs work very differently than for humans.  The Army Research Lab explains that the AR goggles will be used to provide military dogs with commands and cues.  It is not for the dog to interact with the world in the way humans do using AR goggles.Tech SpecificsThe equipment for the dogs include a pair of goggles, a camera and a display that fits over the dog's eyes.  A visual indicator provides the dog with visual cues on what to do.  Scientists are…

Belgium's New Tech CleansUp Plastic Pollution

Innovative Environmental Cleanup Technology

Source:  Galgeschon Preserve

Cleaning 7.5 Million Tons of Plastic From Nature Preserve In Belgium, a team of engineers have built a giant, smart vacuum to remove millions of pieces of plastic - too small to be removed by hand - from a Belgium nature preserve and bird sanctuary.  The Galgeschon Preserve is located in Antwerp.  It is home to endangered bird species.  Over the years the salt marches and mud flats in the preserve were inundated with plastic particles from towns and industries along the river Scheldt.Intense CompetitionPort Authority officials launched a competition to design technology solutions to de-contaminate the site.  The winner is a huge vacuum called the "Nul-o-Plastic" developed by Envisan, which is the environmental division of the maritime infrastructure company Jan De Nul Group.Very Smart VacuumThe  Nul-o-Plastic is a very smart vacuum customized to the preserve's conditions.  The suction mechanism avoids…

UK's New AI Supercomputer for HC/Drug Development

Cambridge 1 Being Built By US-Based Nvidia     Source  Nvidia

For Drug Discoveries and Treatments in COVID WorldGraphics chip maker Nvidia, based in California, is creating the UK's fastest AI supercomputer for drug discoveries and treatments particularly for Covid-19. The supercomputer is called Cambridge 1. It will go on line by the end of 2020 as the world's 29th most powerful AI supercomputer and the most powerful in the UK.  The participants in the UK health care AI supercomputer effort are impressive.  They include GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), AstraZeneca, King's College, 2 London Hospitals and Oxford Nanopore.  Other Components to This Health Care Discovery EffortGSK and Nvidia have also build a London based AI lab for vaccine and treatment discovery. And Nvidia has proposed a $40 billion purchase of Cambridge UK based Arm, one of the UK's most successful tech companies specializing in semiconductor chip and software design.  This is another example of the technological…

Tesla Roadster Rocketing in Space Close to Mars

CEO Elon Musk's Roadster Approaches Mars

    Source:  SpaceX and Tesla

"Starman" Behind the Wheel, Inside a RocketSpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's red, $100,000 Tesla Roadster had made its closest approach to Mars.  The Roadster driver "Starman", which is a mannequin in a spacesuit, are part of a payload inside the second stage of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.Colonizing MarsOne of entrepreneur Elon Musk's major goals is to colonize Mars and make all of us an interplanetary civilization. SpaceX says the Falcon Heavy rocket vehicle with the Roadster inside made their first close approach to Mars and was within 5 million miles of the planet.  Harvard Astronomer TrackingHarvard astronomer Jonathan Dowell is tracking the journey.  He says the SpaceX spacecraft is in an elliptical orbit around the Sun.  The vehicle is 37 million miles from Earth and has travelled 1.3 billion miles since its launch in 2018.  It will make its closest pass at Earth in 2047 at a di…

Robo Taxi Co. Waymo Ramps Up

Reopens to the Public in Phoenix After COVID

    Source:  Waymo

Robo Taxis Hitting the RoadWaymo's autonomous, robo taxi ride hailing service is open to the public in Phoenix.  The company has put years of autonomous driving research on the line to operate Waymo as a revenue producing business.  Waymo has a serious tech pedigree.  It is a business unit of Google's parent company Alphabet.Driving Plans With No Human AttendantsToday, Waymo driverless minivans with no human attendants on board resumed operations for members of Waymo One service in Phoenix. In the spring, operations were suspended because of the COVID pandemic.  Now, within a few weeks, there will be open access for anyone who downloads the smartphone app and wants to hail a Waymo ride within a 50 square mile radius of Phoenix.  Next step will be to offer the service within a 100 square mile area of Phoenix.  The company has hopes of expanding operations beyond the Phoenix market into places like California.COVID…

Boeing Readies Starliner For Launch

Looking To Launch Starliner First Un-crewed, Then Crewed

    Source:  Boeing

Spaceship with Checkered PastBoeing has built the Starliner, a next generation spacecraft, that's designed to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS).  It is an alternative vehicle to the highly successful SpaceX Crew Dragon that brought two astronauts back and forth to the ISS this past summer.   The Starliner has been plagued with development problems, test failures and schedule slippages.  Now it has lost its astronaut Commander Chris Ferguson.  Ferguson is an engineer who helped Boeing develop the space vehicle.December 2019 TestStarliner has experienced a rocky road to development.  In December 2019, during an un-crewed flight, software problems caused the engines to misfire.  Starliner entered the wrong orbital path, never reached the ISS and was forced to return to Earth.  Now, for "personal reasons" Boeing employee Mission Commander Chris Ferguson suddenly announ…

Discovery of 24 "Superhabitable" Planets

Planets Better For Life Than Earth
    Source:  NASA

New Scientific DiscoveryScientists have discovered 24 "superhabitable" planets with conditions better for life than on Earth and with stars better than our Sun.  The research was led by a team at Washington State University. The planets are warmer, wetter, larger and older than the Earth.  The scientists used a set of criteria to identify the "superhabitable" planets including presence of water, mild temperature and atmospheric conditions, among others.Space Targets For the Search For LifeThe 24 planets are 100 light years away from the Earth.  The scientists say their findings serve as targets for the next generation of telescopes to explore for signs of life. The scientists believe these 24 planets have the most promising conditions for complex forms of life.  They were identified from a group of 4500 exoplanets.  They estimate the age range of the planets at 5 to 8 billion years.  The Earth is estimated to be 4.…

SpaceX Wins Pentagon Contract - Satellites for Military

SpaceX To Build Hypersonic and Ballistic Missile Tracking Satellites

Source: Artist Image of Hypersonic Missile

New, Highly Advanced Satellite TechnologyThe US Department of Defense has awarded SpaceX a $149 million contract to build hypersonic and ballistic missile tracking and warning satellites.  The satellites will be positioned in low-Earth orbit similar to Starlink.  Starlink is SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's mega-constellation of satellites to provide the world broadband internet at inexpensive prices.  The Pentagon contract is a first for SpaceX and yet another major win for CEO Elon Musk.  This contract comes 3 weeks after US Defense Secretary Mark Espey announced that China and Russia have weaponized space with killer satellites and directed energy weapons.New, Advanced Satellite TechnologyThe new satellites for the military will have wide field of vision, infrared sensors that can pinpoint and track potential missile threats coming in from space at hypersonic speeds and then help…

#1 New Release "The Elon Musk Factor"

Top Ranked on Amazon's Automotive Engineering     Source: Amazon

My Book on Musk's SpaceX & Tesla BreakthroughsJournalist Edward Kane's just published book "The Elon Musk Factor" is ranked as the #1 new release in Amazon's Automotive Engineering category.  It's also on Amazon's Hot New Releases list.  For a free preview, go to   I co-authored the book with Ed.

SpaceX StarLink Global Sat Expansion

60 More Broadband Satellites Launched Today
Source:  NASA/SpaceX

Elon Musk's Promise of More Inexpensive Internet SpaceX has just deployed 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit.  SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted, when the satellites reach their targeted points, SpaceX will be able to roll out a fairly wide, public beta test in the northern United States and possibly in southern Canada.  And, he says, as soon as SpaceX receives regulatory approvals from more nations, he will roll the system into other countries.  Musk's space system is designed to deliver inexpensive internet services globally.Starlink Mega-Satellite Constellations for Global InternetThis is the 13th Starlink low-earth orbit satellite launch so far.  SpaceX plans on dozens more as it grows its broadband mega-satellite constellation into thousands of small satellites.  The promise is for much less expensive internet availability on a global basis.  That is Musk's vision and goal. Falcon 9 Rocket Launc…

EV's Inexpensive to Maintain, Less Repairs

New Consumer Reports Analysis

 Source: Toyota Prius

Another Great Reason To Go ElectricAccording to Consumer Reports, electric vehicles, over a lifetime, are vastly less expensive to maintain than gas powered cars.  In fact, they cost half as much to maintain.  And, the savings are about the same whether the car is a hybrid or totally battery operated.  This is another great reason, on top of zero emissions, to consider going electric.Numbers Tell the StoryConsumer Reports analysis breaks it down this way.  Over the lifetime of the vehicle, ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles cost $0.061 per mile in maintenance and repair costs.  Electric battery cars like the Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model 3 cost $0.031 per mile and plug in hybrids like the Toyota Prius cost $0.030 per mile.Consumer Reports ConclusionAccording to Consumer Reports, EV repairs are much less frequent and the vehicles don't need as much maintenance as gas powered cars.  Many of them also deliver better acceleration t…

Jetpacks Tested for Rescues

Gravity Industries Jetpack Being Tested in the UK Source:  Gravity Industries Test Flight for Paramedics

Daring Aerial Paramedic Emergency RescuesA jetpack made by Gravity Industries is being tested in the Lake Region of the UK for daring aerial paramedic rescues.  The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), which is a helicopter emergency medical service, is testing the jetpack to see how sending paramedics in a jetpack to the rescue of victims safely works.New TechnologyFor instance, in a skiing accident on a mountain slope, a jetpack would allow a paramedic rescuer to arrive to the victim in minutes rather than an hour hiking up the slope.  According to the GNAAS Director Andy Mawson, a jetpack rescuer could mean the difference between life and death.Gravity Industries & Its EntrepreneurGravity Industries of the UK has completed a number of flights in what they call an "iron man" suit and have set speed records with it. The flying paramedics in the future will be equ…

Buick's Space-Age EV - Electra

Concept Designed by Buick & Shanghai based SAIC-GM

Source:  Buick

Range of 410 Miles on a ChargeBuick just unveiled in China the new Buick Electra EV, an electric crossover concept car designed by Buick and its Shanghai-based partner SAIC-GM.  The vehicle has an advanced Ultium battery with a range of 410 miles on a single charge. The dual powertrain delivers 583 horsepower.  Automotive experts say the concept vehicle signals Buick's new design direction.Space Age Inspired With Unique TechnologyBuick says the vehicle's design is inspired by a space capsule.  It has four butterfly doors and a hidden floating skateboard under the rear bumper that provides another alternative green way to travel.What's Next For Electra?Buick says the Electra concept represents its goal to bring together zero emissions, beautiful styling and intelligent connectivity.  It's not clear if or when the vehicle will be released for sale.  But, Buick is committed to releasing two electric vehic…

Tesla Plans to Enter the India Market

India:  Big New Market With EV Commitment For Tesla to Sell Into

    Source:  Tesla

CEO Elon Musk Confirms by TweetTesla CEO Elon Musk says he will expand Tesla operations into India in 2021;  Responding to a Tweet asking when he will start selling Tesla electric vehicles in India, Musk tweeted "Next year, for sure."  The move should be strategically smart for Tesla, despite the fact that Covid at the moment has infected 6 million people there.  It would come at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focused on promoting the use and manufacture of electric vehicles in India.India's EV DynamicsThe government of India is doing a hard push for electric powered vehicles. By 2030, the government wants at least 30% of all vehicles on its roads electric.  In New Delhi, it will have 2,000 electric public transit buses in operation by the end of 2021.  And the state of Delhi it is looking into setting up electric charging stations at all gas stations there.More Expansion for t…

Universe's Brightest Star

Supernova 5Billion Times Brighter Than the Sun
  Source:  ESA Hubble & NASA Photo

Photo From Hubble Telescope Before It Faded AwayThe Hubble Telescope captured images of one of the most spectacular light shows in the universe ever seen.  It was a supernova that outshone every star in its galaxy.  The supernova, called SN2018GV, put on a gorgeous display with the radiance of 5 billion suns before it gradually started fading away.  Fortunately for us, it was caught in a series of images by the Hubble Telescope, operated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA.  The supernova was first spotted by Hubble in January 2018, 70 million light years from Earth. Binary StarSN2018GV was a binary dwarf star that was pulling in matter from its companion star.  In space, once a star starts pulling in matter from its companion equal to 1.44 times the mass of the sun, a thermonuclear process starts to begin and the combining star starts to explode.  In effect, this is the death of the star and t…

NFL Fights Covid with Tech

Disinfecting Drones at Atlanta Falcon's Mercedes Benz Stadium

 Source: Mercedes Benz Stadium

High Tech Aerial Disinfecting at Falcon's StadiumIn Atlanta, the Mercedes Benz Stadium, where the Atlanta Falcons play, and Lucid Drone Technologies have teamed-up to become the first professional sports venue to use disinfecting drones to protect fans, players and staff from Covid and other viruses.  Highly Advanced TechnologyStarting on October 11 when the Falcon's home stadium opens for limited fan capacity, Lucid's D1 disinfecting drones will release, as they fly, medical grade disinfecting chemicals after each game.  The disinfectant is dispensed by using electrostatic spraying nozzles.  Lucid says one drone can do the work of 14 workers with backpack sprays.  The drones cut the time to accomplish the cleaning by 95%.Robots and the NFLMeanwhile, elsewhere in the NFL, robots are going on Covid patrol.  The Carolina Panthers are the first NFL team to bring in robots.  They'…

Tesla Hits New Sales Record

 Q3 2020 Sales Beat Estimates

    Source:  Tesla 

Targeting 500,000 Vehicle Sales for 2020In the third quarter of 2020, Tesla delivered a record number of global sales, smashing analysts' estimates.  Tesla sold 139,300 vehicles bypassing its all time high of 112,000 in Q4 2019.  Analysts had projected 129,950 in Q3 2020 sales.  The big sales came from Model 3 and Model Y.Full Year Sales TargetTesla CEO Elon Musk believes the company can sell 500,000 vehicles for the full year.  To do so, that will require a blowout 4th quarter of 181,650 global sales to reach the goal.  During his recent Battery Day, Musk predicted 30% to 40% growth for Tesla over 2019.

New Remote Car & Appliance Access Software

German Led Innovation
 Source: Software Stock Image
Remote Access SoftwareBerlin Germany based tech group IOTA is teaming-up with British based Jaguar Land Rover and Japan's NTT Data to launch new software that gives consumers the power to remotely access and control items like appliances and cars.  The software is called IOTA Access and was developed in the UK at the University of Cambridge along with a European startup.  It grants the owner access and grants or rejects conditional access to individuals other than the user of the physical device.International EffortThe launch of Iota Access is a global effort.  IOTA specializes in distributed ledgers.  That's a technology similar to blockchain. IOTA is being joined in the launch by Jaguar, Europe's STMicro-electronics and Japan's NTT Data.  According to IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener, "our phone should be our personal keys to access everything."  JaguarJaguar and IOTA have a long standing business relationsh…

The Elon Musk Factor by Edward Kane

SpaceX and Tesla Breakthroughs 2020

My Latest Book On Amazon & KindleJournalist Edward Kane's just published book "The Elon Musk Factor" showcases the biggest accomplishments and technology breakthroughs by one of the greatest innovation moguls of our time - Elon Musk.  2020 for SpaceX, Tesla and Elon Musk has rolled out a series of fascinating successes, all documented in the book.  For a free preview, go to   I co-authored the book with Ed. The content is fascinating

Amazon - Your Palm, Your ID Recognition

New Amazon One Biometric Tech     Source:  Amazon

New Palm Recognition TechnologyAmazon has just introduced Amazon One, a new hand palm recognition technology that can be used for payments and identify verification.  Reading the palm of your hand has gone extremely high tech at Amazon.  The new technology is being deployed in Seattle at Amazon Go Stores.  Customers there can pay with the palm of their hand after an initial hand scan to establish the biometrics.How It WorksWhen you place your hand over the device, computer vision analyzes the vein pattern, lines, ridges and other signature attributes of your hand, sends the encrypted image to the cloud and then creates your unique palm signature.  After the pilot at Amazon Go, Amazon intends to expand Amazon One's use at their other brick and mortar stores.Fast Forward For Multiple UsesThis technology has the potential to be a big winner for Amazon.  In our Covid-concerned world, contactless payments are coveted by consumers.  Amazon…