Daimler & Waymo's Autonomous Semi's

 Partner to Develop Self-Driving Semi Trucks

                                                Source:  Daimler Trucks and Waymo

Driverless Big Rigs

Daimler and Alphabet/Google Waymo announced today that they are collaborating on the development of self-driving Class 8 semi trucks.  Specifically, they plan on incorporating Waymo's automated system into Daimler's Freightliner Cascadia semi trucks.  These are very big rigs capable of hauling 33,000 pounds.

Big Win for Waymo

This is a big win for Waymo which has been trying to collaborate with major, established automakers.  Waymo CEO John Krafcik, during a conference call about the deal, said it will take some time to develop the braking, steering and other technologies needed to bring fully self-driving semi trucks to market in high volume.  

Highly Competitive Traffic with Tesla

Daimler and its competitor PACCAR control more than 70% of the Class 8 semi truck market in the US.  But, the competition is heating up.  In 2021, Tesla plans to start building its autonomous, electric  semi truck at its new plant in Austin, Texas.  Sweden's Volvo is collaborating with Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia to build autonomous trucks.  And UPS has its own deal to develop autonomous trucks with Waymo.  Just to name a few projects now underway.


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