2020 Ranking of Innovation Nations

Switzerland and Sweden Leading the Way

                                                    Source:  Swiss Innovation Council

2020 Global Innovation Index (GII)

The 2020 Global Innovation Index ranks Switzerland and Sweden as the #1 and #2 Innovation countries in the world.  For Switzerland, this is the 10th year of ranking number 1.  Europe has clearly become the global epicenter of innovation.  Eight of the top 12 leaders in innovation are European countries:  Switzerland #1, Sweden #2, UK #4, Netherlands #5, Denmark #6, Finland #7, Germany #9, France #12.  The US came in #3 in this year's annual ranking of 131 nations using 80 metrics to evaluate the level of innovation around the world.

COVID-19's Impact

The GII experts say COVID-19 is "severely pressuring" the long term build-up in global innovation, while it is also accelerating innovation in specific areas, particularly health care.  GII says the leading nations in innovation show year-to-year stability but there is a gradual eastward shift with Asian nations, notably China, India, the Philippines and Vietnam, climbing up the ranks year after year.

European Leadership

Other European nations in the top 20 list include Ireland at #15, Luxembourg #18, Austria #19 and Norway #20.  In the case of #1 Switzerland, the GII cites it as consistently producing high quality innovation outcomes, improved patents and venture capital deals. The GII says #2 Sweden has a sold human capital base and research system.  And on #12 France, the GII notes that France is top 10 in R&D intensive global companies, the quality of scientific publications and research talent in French business enterprises.



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