Netherlands' Flying Car On the Road

 Holland's PAL-V

                                            Source:  PAL-V

Authorized on Roads in the Netherlands

The world's first commercial flying car - the PAL-V Liberty made by Dutch company PAL-V - has been approved for use on roads in the Netherlands.  The Liberty is a gyrocopter.  Rotors on the top of the vehicle provide it lift to fly.  The rotors are powered by a separate propeller engine in the back of the vehicle.  Liberty can hover like a helicopter but it doesn't take-off and land vertically like a helicopter.  It needs a runway of at least 590 feet to gain speed for take-off and 100 feet of runway for landing.

Drive & Fly Time

The Liberty can drive up to 99 mph on the road and when flying has a maximum speed of 112 mph.  Switching from the driving to the flying mode takes a few minutes.  Clearance will be needed from regulators for flying the flying car.  PAL-V says they expect to get clearance from the European Aviation Safety Agency in 2022.

First Models Rolling Out

The first 90 vehicles sold will be the Liberty Limited Edition Pioneer at a price of $599,000.  The next vehicle to launch will be the Standard at $399,000.  This is an important new piece of driving and flying technology accelerating the future of flying cars.


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