Sweden's Very Green Electric Truck

 Volta Zero

                                            Source:  Volta Zero

Zero Emissions, With Body Made of Flax & Biodegradable Resin

Startup Volta Zero of Sweden has innovated an electric truck built for deliveries in cities.  It is a 16 ton, all electric delivery truck that's smaller than a big rig.  It has a range of 125 miles on a charge. The EV is powered by lithium ion phosphate batteries which are modular and allow Volta to customize the vehicles to the customers' specific needs.  Incredibly it is made of sustainably sourced Flax material and biodegradable resin in its exterior body panels.  Volta Zero says it will change the face of road travel.

London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone

The European delivery service DPD will start testing the Zero in London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone starting in the first quarter of 2021.  The company has forged significant partnerships with another 8 customers.  Experts say Volta Zero could have a significant role in shaping the future of city package and freight delivery.  The Volta Zero will start production in the UK in 2022 with 500 vehicles on the road that year.


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