Green Energy, Virtual Power Plants

 Next Generation of Renewable Energy

Source:  Virtual Power Plant stock images

Homes, Working Together, Forming a Virtual Power Plant

The concept of virtual power plants is compelling and already in practice.  The plant consists of homes powered by solar panels working together and turning neighborhoods into virtual power plants that can feed excess energy back to the grid.  These virtual power plants are already deployed in locations around the world such as public housing in South Australia and apartment complexes in Utah and California.  It's the next generation of solar power technology.  At some point in the future, virtual power plants may consist of fleets of electric vehicles.

Gaining in Popularity

Virtual power plants are gaining in popularity for a number of reasons.  They are a promising, green replacement for aging electricity infrastructure and their power plants powered by polluting fossil fuels.  Virtual power plants can distribute energy over a much wider area and make the grid less vulnerable to local and regional disasters like hurricanes.  This is part of the future of renewable energy.  And it appears to be a more resilient system to keep the lights on.


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