New Remote Car & Appliance Access Software

 German Led Innovation

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Remote Access Software

Berlin Germany based tech group IOTA is teaming-up with British based Jaguar Land Rover and Japan's NTT Data to launch new software that gives consumers the power to remotely access and control items like appliances and cars.  The software is called IOTA Access and was developed in the UK at the University of Cambridge along with a European startup.  It grants the owner access and grants or rejects conditional access to individuals other than the user of the physical device.

International Effort

The launch of Iota Access is a global effort.  IOTA specializes in distributed ledgers.  That's a technology similar to blockchain. IOTA is being joined in the launch by Jaguar, Europe's STMicro-electronics and Japan's NTT Data.  According to IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener, "our phone should be our personal keys to access everything."  


Jaguar and IOTA have a long standing business relationship. The technology will be deployed on Jaguar vehicles. So, for instance, the car owner will be able to remotely open the trunk to allow a neighbor to put a package in the trunk, delivered while the owner is away.  STM provided hardware like microcontrollers that enable smart devices and NTT helped to develop the technology.


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