New eBike Travel Vehicle

 Segway's C80 e-Moped

                                            Source:  Segway

New Electric Moped To Get Around In

E-bikes are the one of the hottest sectors of electric travel.  In fact, analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Fund expect the global number of electric bikes to hit 600 million by 2040.  Enter a new e-bike.  The Segway eMoped C80.  This is Segway's first ever Moped style ebike.  Segway was founded in New Hampshire by entrepreneur Dean Kamen who invented an innovative, self-balancing, 2-wheel scooter.  Segway was bought in 2015 by Ninebot of Beijing and is now China headquartered.  The new ebike is loaded with advanced  technology.

eBike Capabilities

The C80 has a 50 mile plus range on a single charge and costs $1,899 to pre-order.  Segway says the ebikes will start shipping in November.  It is loaded with anti-theft technology.  It has an air-lock system,  GPS tracking, keyless operation via your smartphone, NFC tags, smart seat detection and auto-lock mode, all embedded in the vehicle.  It has a 750 W motor with top speeds of 20 mph.

US and Canada Launches

The Segway ebike launched in China.  Segway says it has upgraded it with more power and higher top speeds for the US and Canadian markets.  Segway will start delivering the C80 in the US and Canada in November 2020.  Technically, the C80 is still a bike, so you don't need a license or registration to drive it at the moment. 


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