Apple iPhone 12 To Offer 5G Speed

 iPhone 12To Debut Tomorrow

                                 Source:  Apple Headquarters

Are US Wireless Networks Up to It? 

Apple will unveil its much anticipated iPhone 12 on Tuesday, October 13th.  It is expected to offer blazing 5G speeds.  5G wireless technology operates 10 to 20 times faster than current 4G wireless networks.  Unfortunately, experts say most US networks cannot deliver 5G speeds so most US customers won't be getting a 5G experience for several years.  Ironically, in China and South Korea, 5G networks are established and widespread.  So, purchasers of the iPhone 12 in China and South Korea will get 5G coverage.

iPhone's Virtual Unveiling

Apple will unveil the new 5G phone at a virtual event tomorrow.  It has a tightrope to walk in not overpromising what its very real 5G technology can deliver over US wireless networks that need to catch up with the iPhone 12's speed.

Moving Forward

Current 5G networks in the US use low band spectrum or airspace.  It is slower than high band but more reliable over long distances.  Mid-band wireless is being deployed by some carriers like Verizon.  Experts say mid-band won't reach 3/4 of Americans until 2025.  Bottom-line:  unless there's a technology breakthrough, Americans won't have full 5G speed for a few more years.


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