NFL Fights Covid with Tech

 Disinfecting Drones at Atlanta Falcon's Mercedes Benz Stadium

                             Source: Mercedes Benz Stadium

High Tech Aerial Disinfecting at Falcon's Stadium

In Atlanta, the Mercedes Benz Stadium, where the Atlanta Falcons play, and Lucid Drone Technologies have teamed-up to become the first professional sports venue to use disinfecting drones to protect fans, players and staff from Covid and other viruses.  

Highly Advanced Technology

Starting on October 11 when the Falcon's home stadium opens for limited fan capacity, Lucid's D1 disinfecting drones will release, as they fly, medical grade disinfecting chemicals after each game.  The disinfectant is dispensed by using electrostatic spraying nozzles.  Lucid says one drone can do the work of 14 workers with backpack sprays.  The drones cut the time to accomplish the cleaning by 95%.

Robots and the NFL

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the NFL, robots are going on Covid patrol.  The Carolina Panthers are the first NFL team to bring in robots.  They're using Xenex's LightStrike robots that use broad spectrum UV rays to kill Covid-19 with 99.99% accuracy.  The robots will patrol locker rooms, offices and elsewhere in the team's headquarters to sanitize.  This is the brand new world of professional sports.  Hi-tech drones and robots are on patrol against Covid-19 to protect players and staff and enable the games to open up again safely for spectators.


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