Germany Leading in Solar Energy Use

 Germany's Innovative New Sources of Green Energy

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2020 Record Year for Renewable Energy In Germany

Germany's prestigious Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) has determined that 2020 is a record year for renewable energy production and use in Germany.  Renewable energy sources equalled 53% of national public electricity production from January to October 2020 in Germany.  Last year in the same period, 46% of energy in Germany was from renewable sources.  The acceleration in renewable energy sources is historic and it demonstrates Germany's commitment to a green, carbon free future..

Solar Energy is Dominating as a German Energy Source

According to German Energy Provider Eon, solar energy has provided 43 billion kilowatt hours of electricity into Germany's national grid in 2020.  That's 1 billion kilowatt hours more than in 2019. Solar energy in Germany is now covering the electricity needs of all private households in Germany - times two!  That is a yearly solar power record in Germany and a benchmark for countries around the world.

Germany Leading the Way

Germany's solar records are accelerating along with Germany's new commitments to green hydrogen and more renewable energy production.  Germany is taking a lead with an innovative flow of renewable, green energy and a new ecological infrastructure to support it.


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