From Switzerland, New EV KOMMA

 New Travel Innovation: E-Urban Mobility Vehicle

                                        Source:  KOMMA

Part Car and Part MotorBike

KOMMA is a brand new electric vehicle for city travel from innovators in Switzerland. The startup says it is an alternative to conventional means of city transportation.  The KOMMA Urban Mobility Vehicle (UMV) is a crossover between a conventional car and a motorbike.  It's electric, has the comfort and safety of a car but with a much smaller footprint.  It's being billed as a brand new means of travel around and between urban areas.

KOMMA's Approach and Mantra Could Be Transformative

KOMMA's mantra is to create better ways to move around cities than by cars and vans.  The approach of their new technology is by blurring the lines between travel vehicles as we know them.  Their brand new KOMMA UMV is planned for production in 2022.  They believe the small size of their vehicle, the light construction, aero design and its electric power could be transformative for city environments in terms of traffic dynamics and energy efficiency.

Moving Forward

This vehicle's size is designed for more energy efficiency and maneuverability in traffic. KOMMA will first move out its premium vehicles for launch that will require a full driver's license when production starts in 2022.  That will be followed by more mobility solution vehicles that will provide, what the Swiss company calls, mass use in cities.  This is another example of the future of our travel mobility in the 2020's and beyond.  It is exciting innovation coming out of Europe.


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