Buick's Space-Age EV - Electra

 Concept Designed by Buick & Shanghai based SAIC-GM

                                                                       Source:  Buick

Range of 410 Miles on a Charge

Buick just unveiled in China the new Buick Electra EV, an electric crossover concept car designed by Buick and its Shanghai-based partner SAIC-GM.  The vehicle has an advanced Ultium battery with a range of 410 miles on a single charge. The dual powertrain delivers 583 horsepower.  Automotive experts say the concept vehicle signals Buick's new design direction.

Space Age Inspired With Unique Technology

Buick says the vehicle's design is inspired by a space capsule.  It has four butterfly doors and a hidden floating skateboard under the rear bumper that provides another alternative green way to travel.

What's Next For Electra?

Buick says the Electra concept represents its goal to bring together zero emissions, beautiful styling and intelligent connectivity.  It's not clear if or when the vehicle will be released for sale.  But, Buick is committed to releasing two electric vehicles by 2030.


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