Tesla and Elon Musk Hitting Stride

 Hitting Financial and Sales Targets

                                        Source:  Tesla

Rolling Out Full Self-Driving Software With Caution

Tesla, the world's largest electric vehicle automaker, and CEO/founder Elon Musk are on a roll.  The company just recorded its 5th quarterly profit and it sold and delivered 139,300 vehicles in Q3 2020.  That puts it on target for selling 500,000 vehicles for the year 2020.  That is a milestone that CEO Musk has been pushing hard to achieve.  Meanwhile, Musk has just started a high stakes rollout of his Full Self-Driving (FSD) software for autonomous driving Teslas.

FSD's High Stakes Beta Testing

Musk has started limited beta testing of his software architecture re-write of FSD with a small group of selected Tesla customers. This new version of FSD provides more advanced autonomous perception capabilities of stop signs, traffic lights and a higher degree of driver assist on city streets.  It also has another new feature - Navigate on Autopilot - that can guide Teslas from highway on-ramps to off-ramps.

This is Still Not Self-Driving

Tesla is requiring constant oversight of the FSD driving from drivers.  Meaning the drivers need to keep their hands on the wheels and give total attention to the road.  This is beta testing of autonomous driving and Tesla is applying a lot of caution.  Tesla warns the new system "may do the worst thing at the worst time".  Tesla is putting the price of FSD up to $10,000 on Thursday, October 29.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is monitoring the progress and results of FSD.


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