Hummer EV: GM's 1st Electric Pickup Truck

 1000 Horsepower All-Electric Truck

                                       Super: GMC Hummer

Targeting Tesla's Cybertruck

GMC just unveiled its brand new Hummer electric "Super Truck with unprecedented off-road capability".  The EV has three motors that put out 1,000 horsepower.  It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. The driving range is 350 miles on a single charge.  And it has a fast charging capability that generates 100 miles of range in ten minutes.  This is GM's first electric pickup truck and it is pricey.  You can reserve the "Edition 1" model which starts at $112,595.  The EV has GMC's most powerful drivetrain.  With the Hummer EV, GM is clearly targeting Tesla's Cybertruck.

EV Truck Wars

The 2020's are ushering in electric pickup truck wars.  The new Hummer will be competing against a new lineup of e-trucks from Tesla, Ford, Rivian, to name a few.  The biggest competitor is Tesla CEO Elon Musk's pet project, the Cybertruck.  Over the next few years, GMC will be adding three more variations on the Hummer, starting at the $100,000, $90,000 and $80,000 levels.  The $80,000 version has dual motors and will hit the market in 2024.

Highly Advanced Technology

The Hummer has a "Crab Walk" 4-wheel steering mode that lets the truck travel diagonally.  It has underbody cameras, steel armoring to protect the battery and an extract mode that enables the vehicle to lift-up six inches if caught in difficult driving conditions.  It also contains Super Cruise driver assistance technology.  This vehicle is all electric with zero emissions, unlike its predecessor Hummer SUV that was a notorious gas guzzler and was retired by GM in 2010.  Production of the Hummer EV starts in fall 2021 in Detroit.


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