Amazon - Your Palm, Your ID Recognition

 New Amazon One Biometric Tech

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New Palm Recognition Technology

Amazon has just introduced Amazon One, a new hand palm recognition technology that can be used for payments and identify verification.  Reading the palm of your hand has gone extremely high tech at Amazon.  The new technology is being deployed in Seattle at Amazon Go Stores.  Customers there can pay with the palm of their hand after an initial hand scan to establish the biometrics.

How It Works

When you place your hand over the device, computer vision analyzes the vein pattern, lines, ridges and other signature attributes of your hand, sends the encrypted image to the cloud and then creates your unique palm signature.  After the pilot at Amazon Go, Amazon intends to expand Amazon One's use at their other brick and mortar stores.

Fast Forward For Multiple Uses

This technology has the potential to be a big winner for Amazon.  In our Covid-concerned world, contactless payments are coveted by consumers.  Amazon One could be used in retail stores on a large scale. It could also be used for biometric verification at office buildings to replace badge scans and at sporting events to provide ticket holders with access.


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