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Amazon - Your Palm, Your ID Recognition

  New Amazon One Biometric Tech                                                                          Source:  Amazon                                                     New Palm Recognition Technology Amazon has just introduced Amazon One, a new hand palm recognition technology that can be used for payments and identify verification.  Reading the palm of your hand has gone extremely high tech at Amazon.  The new technology is being deployed in Seattle at Amazon Go Stores.  Customers there can pay with the palm of their hand after an initial hand scan to establish the biometrics. How It Works When you place your hand over the device, computer vision analyzes the vein pattern, lines, ridges and other signature attributes of your hand, sends the encrypted image to the cloud and then creates your unique palm signature.  After the pilot at Amazon Go, Amazon intends to expand Amazon One's use at their other brick and mortar stores. Fast Forward For Multiple Uses This technology has t

Important Innovations Collection: Cars ID'ing You & Your Health

New Car Biometrics:  Your Heart EKG and Eyes ID Monitors Faurecia's Smart Car Console  Your New ID to Drive Keyless and Safely Monitor Your Health While Driving The functionality of this new tech is big for your safety behind the wheel.  It's technology starting in the car's steering wheel that identifies you as the driver to start the car without a key and then can monitor the state of your heath behind the wheel, also your passengers.  This is great evolving innovation that will first be deployed in cars.  For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Cars ID'ing You & Your Health : Very Smart Cars -  Future Biometrics in Cars Source:  Faurecia's Smart Console to Monitor Heart & Breathing Rates Your Ca...

3D Scans: See-Thru, Facial ID Breakthrough

Experts Say 3D Recognition Systems May Eliminate Need for Personal Passwords Australian researchers have developed a first of its kind 3D facial recognition system.  It's breakthrough tech that improves security measures and may eliminate the need for personal passwords. Experts say this model for scaling 3D facial recognition could transform the biometrics industry. Millions of Pictures Analyzed and Compared The University of Western Australia research team created a unique model that analyzed 3.1 million 3D scans of more than 100,000 people.  The model was trained to learn the identities of a large dataset group of "known" persons and then match "test" faces to those identities. The system worked. Instant 3D Recognition The researchers found the 3D scans are more accurate and robust.  It recognizes individuals in an instant, no matter what the pose, sees through masks and determines if they're legitimate.  This could considerably upgrade secur