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New Delhi's Successful COVID Weapon

New Delhi's Proactive Monitoring Model

Free Oxygen Level Monitors for COVID Patients at HomeThe government of New Delhi has distributed tiny oxygen monitors to 32,000 people for free.  It's a key part of a plan to keep asymptomatic or mildly sick COVID patients isolated and at home.  The tiny, $13.00 oxygen level monitor, known as a pulse monitor, relays each patients' oxygen level readings twice a day via Whats App to health care professionals.  It's a critical reading because when oxygen levels go low in a COVID patient, complications set in.  Indian health care experts say the system enables then to find out in time if a patient's symptoms are about to worsen and refer them to hospitals.Proactive MonitoringThe process started to be implemented in May when COVID cases were surging in New Delhi, a city of 20 million where hospitals were being strained to the limit.  Health authorities noticed what they call "happy hypoxemia" which is low blood oxygen with…

New Robots for the 2020's by Edward Kane

Amazon Limited Time Free Promotion

New Book on Top New Robots for 2020'sAmazon has launched a limited time, free promotion on journalist Edward Kane's very recent book "New Robots for the 2020's".  The book showcases the top robot inventions for home, service, medical, workplace and more.  To get a free copy, go to   I co-authored the book with Ed.

Walmart & Microsoft Push Buy of TikTok US Assets

Purchase Would Make Walmart An Online Advertising Leader

$35b to $45 Billion PurchaseWalmart could turn into an online advertising behemoth if its plans with Microsoft  to acquire the US assets of China-owned social media/video app company TikTok go through successfully.  Walmart is the world's largest retailer.  The acquisition of TikTok would make it highly competitive with Amazon, Facebook and Google for young customers on social media.  It would also greatly expand Walmart's advertising business and also its business with 3rd party marketplaces.  Ticking Toward a DeadlinePresident Trump has put the sale of TikTok's US assets into play.  He deems TikTok a potential national security risk because of the vast amount of personal data it acquires on users in the US, which the government of China could demand.  Trump has ordered China based parent company ByteDance to sell TikTok US assets by September 15 or the company will be banned from doing business in the US.Big Competi…

Chinese Investors & Climate Change

New Climate Change Index for Chinese Investors

Promoting the Environment, Social and Governance Standards MSCI, the New York City based financial services company, has launched Climate Change indexes for China stocks.  The indexes allow investors in China to put their money into companies with lower carbon emissions. The indexes allocate more weighting to less polluting companies, such as the internet giant Tencent and LONGi Green Energy Technology.  MSCI has launched similar Climate Change indexes in the EU, US and Japan.  MSCI is a global provider of equity, fixed income, hedge fund stock market indexes and analysis tools.Megatrend: Investors Focusing on Climate ChangeMSCI expects global investors to increasingly focus on Climate Change and put their money into companies with strong pro-environment policies and results.  MSCI is in discussions with a number of institutions about creating investment products based on Climate Change indexes.  In China, the Climate Change indexes launch …

Germany's Green Bonds to Fight CC

Putting Green Bonds Behind Climate Change Fight

Funding Clean Transportation & Renewable Energy ProjectsFor the first time, the government of Germany plans to issue $13 billion in so-called Green Bonds to fund renewable energy and clean transportation projects.  The $13 billion worth of bonds will be issued this year - late Q3 and Q4 2020.  Germany is tapping into the financial markets to increase its commitment to fight climate change.  This is a case of putting money up against specific environmental targets to fight climate change. Germany has a strong green commitment but it is even getting greener.September LaunchThe first issuance is in September 2020 of a 10 year bond or Bunds that is worth 4 billion euros in value.  The rest will be issued in the fourth quarter of 2020.  By 2023, Germany wants to spend 54 billion euros as part of its climate change agenda.  The agenda includes introducing a carbon tax to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 as compared to 1990 levels…

World's Most Efficient Jet

New Bullet Plane - Celera 500L

Invention of Otto Aviation of CaliforniaA mystery, bullet shaped aircraft, long the subject of speculation, has finally been revealed.  It's called the Celera 500L and it's the invention of California based Otto Aviation.  Until now, the development of the plane has been totally under wraps.  It's being called the world's most fuel efficient plane.Incredible Fuel EfficiencyThe Celera 500L is a six person private jet that flies at the speed of a jet but with 8 times lower fuel consumption.  Add to that the range is double that of a similarly sized aircraft.  The company says 31 successful test flights have been performed.  They claim the Celera 500L is the world's "most fuel efficient, commercially viable aircraft in existence."SpecificsThis jet runs at 18 to 25 miles per gallon of fuel economy versus 2 to 3 miles per gallon of fuel economy for a regular jet.  It can reach speeds of 460 mph, has a range of 4,500 nautical miles…

Amazon's New Wearable


Body and ToneAmazon just announced its first major offering in the wearable, health wristband market.  Amazon's new Halo wristband monitors heart rate, cardio, temperature and sleep patterns.  But it also contains two unique trackers:Body which produces a 3D body scan by smartphone photos.  It then uses AI to calculate body fat percentages.Tone uses built in microphones to listen to the wearer's voice and determine their emotional state.Specifics
The personal health data can be accessed on the wearer's smartphone screen.  Another unusual feature is the pricing structure.  It costs $64.99 to buy and after six months, the owner pays a $3.99/month subscription fee for body fat screenings, voice analysis and other features.
Huge Market Opportunity
Halo brings Amazon into the $52 billion wearables market which is rapidly growing.  At the moment, Apple is dominant, racking in 51% of the smartwatch revenue globally in the first half of 2020.

Japan Readies for Flying Cars by 2023

SkyDrive Successful Test Flight

Japanese Govt. Wants Flying Cars Operating by 2023The beginning of the flying car era just got a lot closer.  Today, Japan's flying car, the SkyDrive, took off with one person onboard in a successful test flight. It lifted up several feet (1 to 2 meters) and then hovered in a netted area for four minutes.  It was a modest test flight but the vehicle worked.Crowded SkiesThere are more than 100 flying car projects around the world.  The most notable are the Dutch PAL-V, Lithium of Germany, Joby Aircraft of California, Wisk (Boeing & Larry Page's Kitty Hawk) and SkyDrive.  According to SkyDrive leader Tomohiro Fukuzawa, only a very few have succeeded to fly with a person onboard.  The Japanese government wants flying cars in the skies over major Japanese cities to ease traffic by 2023.  Fukuzawa expects SkyDrive to be an available product on the market by 2023.  eVTOLSkyDrive is an eVTOL, meaning electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle.  …

R/T Drone Look at Underwater Life

Chasing F1 Fish Finder Drone For Fishermen & Nature Lovers

Green Aquatic Drone with Camera - Controlled by SmartPhoneThe Chasing F1 Fish Finder drone is a first.  It's an aquatic drone, powered by lithium batteries, to explore the underwater environment.  The user can operate it from shore or on a boat.  The drone drops its tethered camera into the water to find, watch and track fish.  The user operates and controls the drone system by their smartphone. Chasing F1 relays live pictures of its underwater fishing locations and can also provide videotapes and still images.  It's the invention of the Chinese company Chasing Innovation, which specializes in underwater drones.  It sounds like the answer to many a fisherman's prayers,  It also provides new, live, taped and photo views of underwater life for nature enthusiasts.Controlled by the User Via Their SmartphoneThe fish finding drone is wirelessly controlled by WiFi up to a distance of 98 feet by an iOS/Android app on th…

AI Revolutionizing Retail and Banking

AI's Big Future: Retail and Banking Are the Biggest Users

$110 Billion Global AI Spending by 2024Artificial intelligence, also known as deep machine learning, has a very big global future.  According to a new forecast by the global market intelligence firm IDC, global spending on AI will reach $50 billion in 2020 and more than double to $110 billion in 2024.  According to the IDC study, AI is the primary tool that will enable businesses to be "agile, innovative and scale".Big Drivers of AIThe big drivers for AI adoption are delivering better customer experiences and helping employees to get better at their jobs.  The retail and banking industries are the biggest AI spenders.   And, in terms of 2020 market shares, the biggest AI deployments are:Robotic customer service reps (11.3%)Sales process recommendations and automation (7.1%)Cybersecurity/ automated threat intelligence and prevention (6.6%)IT automation (6.3%)Fraud analysis and investigation (6.1%)Other uses - largel…

Unique Autonomous, Solar Boat - 0 Emissions

Super Yacht Powered by the Sun

Autonomous Wing Sailing Nemesis Yachts has created the ultimate solar powered, autonomous super yacht - the Nemesis One - with zero emissions.  The yacht is powered by the sun, propelled by electric and hydrogen energy and is totally autonomous.  The company says it is the world's first high speed, autonomous, hydrofoil luxury catamaran.  It operates silently with no fumes and no emissions.  This concept is a breakthrough piece of ocean sailing technology, incorporating solar, hydrogen and electric energy breakthroughs.Zoom in on SpecificsThe yacht is huge: 332 feet in length and the hi-tech, automated sail is 292 feet high.  It has a cruising speed of 35 knots and top speed of 50 knots.  It is zooms through the ocean by autonomous hydrofoils and the autonomous wing sail. There are different interior modular configurations that can be removed for instance to go into an ultra light racing mode.Automatically Adjusting Wing Sails to ConditionsNemesis Yac…

Flying & Sky Diving on Sunshine

World's 1stParachute Jump from a Solar-Powered Plane

Flying on Sunshine, Parachuting Through the AirIt's the world's first solar skydive.  Parachutist/pilot/adventurer Raphael Domjan safely completed the world's first jump from a solar powered, electric plane over Switzerland.  The plane soared to an altitude of 5,000 feet.  In his descent, Domjan reaches speeds of 93 mph (150 kilometers per hour).  The flight and dive were designed to showcase the power and potential of solar, electric powered aircraft.SolarStratos ProjectDomjan is the founder of the SolarStratos project, which organized the historic Solar SkyDive.  He co-piloted the plane during its ascent.  He is the first parachutist to jump from an electric plane.  He believes that flying in green, electric planes will change forever the future of the sport for skydivers.  Next TakeoffsIn 2022, the SolarStratos team hopes to make more history.  They aim to fly a solar powered, electric plane to the stratosphere and…

Microsoft Partners to Develop AI Disaster Prediction Tools

Big Partnership: Microsoft & US Dept. of Energy
Targets Include Extreme Weather, Natural Disaster Predictions Microsoft and the US Department of Energy (DOE) are spearheading anew partnership to create artificial intelligence (AI) tools capable of predicting natural disasters like the global extreme weather events and historic California wildfires that we are experiencing from Climate Change.  The AI partnership includes the Pentagon's Joint AI Center, the Pacific Northwest National Lab along with Microsoft and the US Department of Energy.  The AI partnership was just announced.Climate Change and Extreme WeatherOne of the most exciting potential applications of AI is to forecast and predict Climate Change and extreme weather conditions, like the historic flooding in China, the record breaking back to back hurricanes hitting Louisiana and the blistering heat much of the world endured in the summer of 2020. Global weather services have satellites, computer modelling and tons of d…

Amazon Free Book Promotion Ends Tomorrow

 "Space Mysteries & Wonders 2020's" by Edward Kane
Limited Time Free PromotionWanted to let you know that you can order for free journalist Edward Kane's very recent e-book "Space Mysteries and Wonders 2020's" on Amazon/Kindle.  The book was ranked #4 in the Astronomy category this weekend.  For direct access for a free book, go to    The free promotion is for a very limited time.  The book contains the latest news on big space mysteries and the latest discoveries.  The e-book returns to its regular price of $5.19 at 11:59 PM PDT on Wednesday, August 26.

Amazon's Top 10 Ranked Astronomy Book Free

Very Limited Time,Free E-book Amazon/Kindle
Limited Time Free PromotionWanted to let you know that you can order for free journalist Edward Kane's very recent e-book "Space Mysteries and Wonders 2020's" on Amazon/Kindle.  The book was ranked #4 in the Astronomy category this weekend.  For direct access for a free book, go to    The free promotion is for a very limited time.  The book contains the latest news on big space mysteries and the latest discoveries.  I co-authored the book with Ed.

UK Targets Climate Change and Pollution

UK and Legally Binding Environmental Targets

Fighting Climate ChangeBritain is rolling out legally binding environmental targets to combat climate change.  The targets include cleaner water, reduced air pollution, waste reduction and more biodiversity.  The legally mandated targets are designed to improve the environment and rebuild the economy.  The new legislation, set to be considered by Parliament, will force the current and future British governments to focus on improving the environment.Build Back GreenBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to "build back green" as the British economy was cut by 20% in the second quarter of 2020 by COVID-19 lockdowns and shutdowns.  A new watchdog agency "The Office for Environmental Protection" is being established to monitor the UK's progress toward the environmental targets.  The Office will also oversee the government's progress toward its commitment to have the UK be net-zero emissions by 2050.  Britain …

Tesla's Innovative Radar-Based Sensor

Detects Children Left Behind in Hot Cars
Boosts Theft-Prevention SystemsTesla is seeking approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)) to market and sell a short-range, interactive motion sensing device.  The company says the sensor can detect a child left behind in a hot car.  Tesla also says it enhances anti-theft systems in cars.  Tesla needs FCC clearance to use these unlicensed millimeter-wave sensors that operate at higher power levels than are currently allowed. Tesla, founded by Elon Musk, is the top global electric car automaker.Big AdvantagesUnlike camera based and in-seat occupant systems, the Tesla device is radar-based.  Tesla says it has depth perception and can see through soft materials like a blanket covering a baby in a car seat.  The device is so sensitive it can detect breathing, heart beats and can differentiate between a child and an object left on a seat.  The FCC is seeking public comment on the sensor through September 21.  In the US, 50 children l…

Boeing Developing UV Wand for COVID Kill

Boeing's UV Wand Being Tested to Neutralize COVID on Planes
Sanitizes Plane Cabins and CockpitsBoeing is developing a hand-held wand that emits ultraviolet light to kill the COVID-19 virus, other viruses and bacteria.  The initial use and testing has been on planes, their cockpits and passenger cabins.  The UV wand is part of a suite of technologies to neutralize the COVID virus that Boeing is developing.  But the UV wand is so promising, Boeing may take it to market for commercial use this fall/winter. It likely has commercial use beyond planes.New UV Wand Tested with 13 AirlinesAccording to Boeing's Chief Engineer for ecoDemonstator programs, Rae Lutters, the wand eliminates the need to use alcohol and other disinfectants on surfaces that could damage sensitive electronic equipment.  Boeing has been working on the UV Wand tests with 13 different airlines.Great ResultsBoeing is so pleased with its test results, it is looking to license the UV Wand and hire 3rd party companies …

Space Mysteries and Wonders 2020's by Ed Kane

Free E-book Amazon/Kindle
Limited Time Free PromotionWanted to let you know that you can order for free journalist Edward Kane's very recent ebook "Space Mysteries and Wonders 2020's" on Amazon/Kindle.  The book is ranked #10 in the Astronomy category.  For direct access for a free book, go to    The free promotion is for a very limited time.  The book contains the latest news on big space mysteries and the latest discoveries.  I co-authored the book with Ed.

India's Solar Powered Ferries

Green Commutes with No Emissions
Future of Travel
India's solar ferries are a big part of the future of green, clean water travel.  Their solar ferry, the Aditya, carries 1700 passengers daily on a two mile route from a lakeside community back and forth to the town of Vaikom.  India's first solar powered ferry has merited an award from the international electric boat Journal Plugboats.  It generates zero pollution and is 30 times cheaper to run than the diesel ferry it replaced.Solar Power DeliversThis new solar water ferry delivers.  It runs on 70 kilowatts of electricity, 65 % of which come from the boat's solar panels and the rest from the grid.  India's Kerala State Water Transport Department has commissioned two more solar ferries and a solar cruise ship.  It's also converting its 48 diesel ferries to solar powered ferries within a few years.Solar Powered Water TravelThe Aditya is considered a solar ferry prototype.  It provides one half of the cost of operation…

Climate Change's Unrelenting Impact

Nasty Weather Globally
From California to Alaska, Greenland and ChinaThere is growing evidence that Climate Change and Global Warming are worsening.  In California, hundreds of wildfires are burning out of control.  They are being spawned by blistering heat and record numbers of lightning strikes.  There were 11,000 lighting strikes in a few days, torching trees, brush and triggering the massive wildfires.  500,000 acres have been burned, communities are threatened, buildings have been destroyed and tens of thousands are evacuating.  The Bay Area had the worst air quality in the world on Wednesday.  California Governor Gavin Newsom commented:  "If you are in denial about Climate Change, come to California."China's Torrential RainsMeanwhile, in China torrential rains and massive flooding have caused the evacuation of a million people and caused billions of dollars in damage.  China's huge Three Gorges Dam is experiencing its highest water levels ever following months o…

Greenland Ice Loss Breaks Records - CC

532 Gigatons of Ice Lost in 2019
New Study: Worsening Climate Change, Melt Tops ForecastsThe signs are undeniable that Climate Change is accelerating and breaking scientific estimates.  A new study has documented that the Greenland ice sheet lost a record amount of mass in 2019.  The loss is so dramatic that scientists are expected to start restating and redefining their worst case scenarios based on the new Greenland findings.  The worst case scenarios are for rising ocean waters and flooding affecting millions of people in coastal locations.New Melt Shatters Records The rate of the Greenland ice sheet melt, caught by satellites and analyzed by scientists through derived data, is record shattering.  Geoscientist and glaciologist  Ingo Sasgen of the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany documented the loss of 532 gigatons of ice, or 66 tons of ice for every person on Earth - in 2019 just in the Greenland ice sheet. Greenland experienced much warmer temperatures in 2019.  The 2019 melt in…

Microsoft's Latest Flight Simulator Videogame

Microsoft's Highly Advanced Flight Simulator
Innovative VideogameMicrosoft has just released the latest edition of its videogame Flight Simulator.  It allow the players to take control of a virtual airplane cockpit and fly the plane to anyplace in the world.  The digital images of the Earth are incredibly real.  The graphics are driven by a new graphics engine that was inspired by a Hololens augmented reality project at Microsoft.Lots of  Advanced TechnologyThe game was first released in 1982.  It's older than Word, Office and Windows.  The new technology embedded in the latest edition includes artificial intelligence, Azure Cloud services and Bing maps in 3D of the entire world.  Flight Simulator can be accessed in the X-Box Game Pass Bundle.  This fall, virtual reality support will be available.  Flight Simulator requires a powerful PC to play.  But given all the technology encased in the videogame, Microsoft may have very big plans for its wider use.  New York Times Op-EdThi…

China's Smart, Green, Fast Transport Plans

China's 600 kmph Trains
Smart Highways, Smart Ships, Smart Trains, Smart Autonomous VehiclesAccording to China's Ministry of Transport (MOT), the country is developing very high-speed Maglev trains capable of travelling 600 kmph (373 mph) and high speed passenger trains capable of travelling 400 kmph (249 mph).  Models of the Maglev have been launched this summer at a factory in eastern China's Shandong Province.  China has revolutionary plans for its transportation system.  It is currently developing a world-leading transportation network loaded with smart and digital technologies, including 5G, Artificial Intelligence and remote sensing satellites making for very smart highways and a very smart transport system.
2025 Transportation & Energy SourcesTheChinese government's blueprint is substantial.  By 2025, it intends to expand the use of smart ships, smart boats, smart trains and smart autonomous vehicles.  It also includes new construction of green energy infrastr…

Japan's Flying Cars

Japan's Government: Flying Cars Over Major Cites by 2023
Japan's Traffic Mitigation GoalsThe government of Japan is determined to deploy flying cars for  urban traffic relief.  It wants flying cars soaring over its big cities by 2023.  It believes flying cars will be a solution for traffic congestion and transportation problems in traffic congested cities like Tokyo.  Japanese government leaders also view them as a solution for problematic mountainous and remote regions where access is difficult.Japan's SkyDriveThere are several notable flying cars/flying taxi eVTOLS (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles under development.  Players include Airbus, Uber and Boeing with their prototype eVTOLs.  And Japan is developing several of its own flying cars.  Of interest is the newest Japanese flying car startup SkyDrive with its SD-XX, 2-seat flying car.  This eVTOL can be parked in an office parking lot in just two spots.SkyDrive TakeoffTokyo-based SkyDrive has raised 1.8…

Toyota's Innovative Lease/Subscription Deals in India

Responding to Escalating Demand for Private Vehicles

Avoiding Public Transport in COVID WorldToyota is rolling out new leasing and rental programs in India in response to accelerating global demand for private vehicle transportation.  The big question is this a prototype that Toyota will expand globally.  In our COVID plagued world, people want to avoid public transportation - be it trains, buses, subways or planes.  Toyota announced today its new, flexible leasing and shorter term subscriptions options.Low Cost LeasesThe Japanese automaker is offering 3 to 5 year leasing plans to corporate and retail customers across the portfolio of its vehicles for as low as $281.00 per month.  The demand for leases and rentals is growing and Toyota says for customers it's more cost effective than buying a car.  Toyota is focusing on the lower end of the market where the numbers are biggest and demand is rapidly accelerating.  Making Money in a COVID WorldAs carmakers look to boost revenues duri…

Drilling Arctic Natl Wildlife Reserve

Trump Okays Oil & Gas Drilling in ANWR

Wildlife Refuge at a Time of Climate ChangePresident Trump just finalized plans to allow oil and gas drilling in the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).  No drilling has occurred there in decades.  The refuge is home to polar bears, porcupine caribou and other species deeply threatened by climate change, which is melting ice in the Arctic at a record pace.  Climate change is worsening.  Death Valley, California just recorded the world's top temperature record of 130 degrees.  President Trump today indicated he will issue long term leases to oil and gas drilling companies before there is any potential change in US Presidential leadership. Politics and the EnvironmentAlaska Governor Michael Dunleavy and the energy industry say this move will create jobs and boost the economy.  Democrats and environmentalists say it will do destruction to the Arctic's unique ecosystem and the native Alaskans who are dependent on the region.  Ad…

NBA & Yale Develop COVID Test

Breakthru COVID 19 Test Developed by Yale-NBA Partnership
New Test that's Easy & InexpensiveThe FDA has just authorized for use a much faster, easier, inexpensive and more comfortable COVID-19 test, developed through a pioneering partnership between the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Yale University.  It's called SalivaDirect.  In the Orlando Bubble where they're playing, NBA players and staff volunteered  to provide saliva samples for the Yale test.  The NBA also provided $500,000 in research funding to Yale University School of Public Health.  The players simultaneously took daily nose and mouth swab tests.  The much easier saliva sample test proved equally effective.  It now has the green light for widespread use.SalivaDirect's AdvantagesThe Yale test has many advantages.  It is easy and comfortable:  the patient just needs to spit in a cup.  It is far less expensive at $10 a test, as opposed to the current top COVID test at more than $100.  The turnar…

China-US Trade Wars Tech Impact

Trump Gives China Based Tik Tok 90 days to Divest US Asset

Intensifying US-China Trade War Impacting Huge China Tech This weekend, President Trump considerably increased the pressure in his trade war with China.  He gave ByteDance, the China-based owner of the short-video app global giant Tik Tok, 90 days to sell or spin off its US assets or be banned from doing business in the US. He cited national security concerns. Tik Tok is used by 100 million Americans. He also has banned transactions with Tencent's WeChat, within 45 days in the US. WeChat has 1.2 billion users globally.Alibaba in the Cross-hairsNow, Trump also indicated that he's ready to expand pressure on other China based tech giants like Alibaba from doing business in the US. Trump's rationale is a grave concern for national security and the safety of Americans' personal data on China based social media and technology products.  The Chinese government can legally force China-based companies to turn over the p…

GM & Cadillac Going Electric

Cadillac's First Fully Electric Vehicle Unveiled - The Lyriq

Taking on TeslaCadillac has unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, the Lyriq.  The EV is designed to challenge Tesla's leadership in electric cars.  The Lyriq is powered by Cadillac's new Ultium battery technology and provides a range of more than 300 miles on a charge.  For GM, Cadillac is its leading electric vehicle brand.  Led by Lyriq, Cadillac says it will roll out a new portfolio of transformative EVs during the 2020 decade. Big Electric RolloutCadillac says it will roll out 22 electrified vehicles by 2023.  Lyriq, with its sleek, crossover design, will first launch in China and then in the US.  Production is scheduled to start in 2022.  The company says pricing will start at $75,000 to $100,000.Signature FeaturesThe Lyriq has several signature features.  Its Super Cruise semi-self-driving technology provides full, hands-free operation on over 200,000 miles of GPS mapped highways.  It also has a huge, 3…

Secret Lives of Sharks - Jaws Revisited

Research Reveals Shark Social Networks

Jaws Has Daily Gathering Times to Perhaps Share InformationNew scientific research indicates that sharks have secret lives.  They form social network communities.  Some species of sharks have social lives that endure for years.  The solitary ocean predators may not be so solitary  A team of researchers, led by Florida International University marine biologist Yannis Papastamatiou, tracked with technology, the daily habits and social behavior of 41 reef sharks in an Atoll 1,000 miles southwest of Hawaii.  What they found is amazing.  Using acoustic transmitters to track the animals and camera tags to see the interactions, they documented that the sharks form social networking communities on a daily basis that can last for years.Social Shark CommunitiesSome of these shark communities remained together for the four years of the FIU study.  The sharks spent mornings together in groups of 20 in the same part of the reef, dispersed for the rest of the d…

Quantum Discovery with Big Impact

Scientists Make Quantum System Last 10,000 X's Longer 
Big Impact for Quantum Computing & Unhackable NetworksA new discovery by scientists at the University of Chicago has the potential of massive technological impact.  Quantum technology promises fabulous possibilities.  But scientists first need to keep quantum systems stay harnessed for more than a few millionths of a second.  The University of Chicago team has done it.  They've invented a means to make quantum systems remain operational 10,000 times longer than before.Future Quantum InternetWhat they've done could revolutionize quantum computing, quantum communications and quantum sensing.  Their breakthrough to greatly extend quantum system operations could lead to extremely powerful quantum computers and virtually unhackable networks in the future quantum internet.  Immediately, it is enabling new research opportunities previously thought impossible.Simple SolutionTo operate, quantum systems need extremely quiet, …

Elon Musk's Global Internet Service

SpaceX Starlink
600 Internet Satellites and CountingSpaceX and founder/CEO Elon Musk are setting new records in building Starlink, the space-based global internet service.  SpaceX is manufacturing an unprecedented 120 internet satellites per month.  No satellite competitor has even come close.  600 Starlink satellites are now in low Earth orbit.  Musk recently told the FCC that he plans to build an interconnected network of 12,000 small satellites capable of beaming high speed internet to anyplace in the world.Big InvestmentMusk told the FCC that he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Starlink thus far.  He is currently producing thousands of consumer user terminals per month and is building ground stations to directly connect consumers to the Starlink network.  Musk says his internet service will be "inexpensive" for consumers to purchase.Big DemandLast week, SpaceX informed the FCC that it is experiencing "extraordinary demand" for its inexpensive inte…

Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles, 0-Emissions World

Hyundai Leading the Way

US Startup Nikola Coming on StrongSouth Korea based Hyundai is quickly becoming the leader among global automakers in deploying hydrogen powered vehicles.  It recently shipped the first ten of its Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell hydrogen semi-trucks.  It's the world's first, fuel cell powered, heavy duty truck.  And it's the first, mass produced hydrogen truck.  The hydrogen vehicles went to Switzerland.  Another 40 hydrogen trucks from Hyundai will be on Swiss roads by the end of 2020.  It's the beginning of a Hydrogen Highway Ecosystem, with hydrogen fuel stops eventually being built into the highway infrastructure.  It's the future of zero highway emissions.  The only emissions from these trucks are water.Hydrogen Highway EcosystemThe Hyundai hydrogen semi's have a 255 horsepower fuel cell converting hydrogen into electricity.  They have a driving range of 250 miles on a tank of hydrogen.  To make the hydrogen transportation work, a highway e…

Microsoft's Smart New Phone

Surface Duo
Microsoft's Return to Mobile PhonesAfter a four year hiatus, Microsoft is returning to the mobile phone business.  It just unveiled and began taking orders for its new Surface Duo. Microsoft calls the phone revolutionary.  It spent five years creating it.  The company claims it enables increased mobile productivity via the dual screens. They add it contains the best of Microsoft 365, every app from Google Play store and a system that seamlessly works together.Android Operating SystemThe dual screen phone runs on Google's Android operating system.  The user can use two different apps on each screen simultaneously. The screens are connected by a 360 degree hinge that allows for both horizontal and vertical use.Phone Price WarsThe Microsoft Surface Duo is sleek, thin and pricey - $1,399.  It's ringing into a tough, bumpy COVID threatened economy and is up against very tough competition.  Both Google and Apple are rolling out new smart phones loaded with capabilitie…