Virgin Galactic & Rolls Royce SST

NYC to London in Two Hours
Source: Virgin Galactic

SST that Could Break All Records for Passenger Travel
Virgin Galactic is partnering with Rolls Royce to develop a supersonic passenger jet that can fly from New York City to London in two hours.  The agreement was cut after Virgin Galactic successfully completed a concept SST design review with NASA.  The new SST will fly at Mach 3 or 2,300 mph, cruise at 60,000 feet and carry between 9 and 19 passengers.  The next-G jet will take some years to develop and test, but it represents the promise of greatly advanced supersonic travel around the world. Making far away places in the world like Sydney, Australia, a place to reach from London in five hours.

SST Concorde
If the Virgin Galactic-Rolls Royce SST proves to perform as expected, the vehicle will break all transatlantic airline records.  In February 1992, the British Airways Supersonic Concorde went from NYC to London in 2 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds at Mach 2 or 1,250 mph.  That was the record breaker that could be broken by Virgin Galactic, which has a big, long term investment in supersonic travel and space travel.  This is the future of travel at greatly reduced times through supersonic speeds.  The Virgin Galactic SST would take off and land at major international airports. It could make the world a lot closer for all of us.  Virgin has long been interested in also translating its space travel technology into point to point travel for passengers at much higher speeds on earth.


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