Tesla's Innovative Radar-Based Sensor

 Detects Children Left Behind in Hot Cars

Source:  Tesla 

Boosts Theft-Prevention Systems

Tesla is seeking approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)) to market and sell a short-range, interactive motion sensing device.  The company says the sensor can detect a child left behind in a hot car.  Tesla also says it enhances anti-theft systems in cars.  Tesla needs FCC clearance to use these unlicensed millimeter-wave sensors that operate at higher power levels than are currently allowed. Tesla, founded by Elon Musk, is the top global electric car automaker.

Big Advantages

Unlike camera based and in-seat occupant systems, the Tesla device is radar-based.  Tesla says it has depth perception and can see through soft materials like a blanket covering a baby in a car seat.  The device is so sensitive it can detect breathing, heart beats and can differentiate between a child and an object left on a seat.  The FCC is seeking public comment on the sensor through September 21.  In the US, 50 children left behind in hot cars died in both 2018 and 2019.

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