Hydrogen Commercial Jets by 2030

Airbus Pushing Hydrogen Commercial Planes

Source:  Hydrogen Plane Concept 

European Union's Hydrogen Strategy
In Europe, there is growing consensus building around utilizing hydrogen as a primary, green, renewable energy source. The momentum is coming from the both the European Union and global aerospace giant Airbus. France-based Airbus believes that hydrogen fuel is the quickest means to turn commercial passenger jets into zero emissions passenger flights.  Company leadership forecasts that hydrogen airliners could be flying in much greener skies by the early 2030's.  

Hydrogen Agenda
To develop and deploy hydrogen commercial jets by the early 2030's, Airbus Vice President for Zero Emissions Technology Glenn Llewellyn recommends utilizing and reconfiguring automotive and space launch hydrogen technologies that are already developed to create hydrogen commercial passenger jets.  Toyota is a major developer of hydrogen fueled cars and the Japanese automaker also advocates for a hydrogen powered society.  Hydrogen developed from renewable energy sources is clean, green and has zero emissions.  In the space industry, the Vulcan 2 liquid fuel engine rocket is hydrogen powered.  The rocket lifts the Airbus designed Ariane launcher into space for the European Space Agency.
Llewellyn's strategy is to jumpstart the development of hydrogen aircraft by utilizing proven, existing hydrogen technologies.

European Union
The European Union has developed a hydrogen strategy to move forward the production, use and distribution of hydrogen throughout the region.  There are even proposals to create a hydrogen pipeline throughout the European Union by tying together existing gas pipelines and moving green hydrogen through it to major population and industrial centers for use as green fuel for everything from commercial hydrogen jets, hydrogen cars, hydrogen trains and more.

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