Uber-Embraer Flying Taxis 2023

Flying Cars for Urban Air Mobility

Source:  Embraer DreamMaker eVTOL

Future of Aerial Ride Sharing
Despite the global pandemic, Brazil based aircraft manufacturer Embraer and Uber Elevate are moving forward with speed to deploy fleets of "urban air mobility" vehicles in the skies near you.  By 2023, they say they will offer travelers the option of an affordable shared flight.  They hope to get vehicle testing underway by the end of this year.  Uber, the ride sharing service and Embraer, the aircraft maker are partnering in the effort.

The flying cars that will serve as flying, shared ride taxis, are eVTOLs - electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.  Uber Elevate and Embraer have just launched an eVTOL simulator to ensure that the vehicles meet necessary requirements, including noise levels.  Between now and the target deployment date of 2023, eVTOLs need to be finalized and tested. And advanced urban air traffic management systems must be put in place.  Embraer hopes to be a major player in all of these areas.  The company says 2023 is very doable.

A global aircraft manufacturer, Embraer is best known for its regional jets: E-Jets that seat 70 to 130 passengers.  Its concept eVTOL DreamMaker is battery powered and all electric.  It has 8 rotors to take off and land vertically and a set of propellers for fixed wing forward flight.  The first vehicles will have a pilot but also a lot of autonomous capabilities.  The plan is to go fully autonomous, going forward.  The DreamMaker is designed for a pilot and 4 passengers.  It can carry up to 1,000 pounds and has a range of 60 miles.  Recently, EmbraerX successfully completed the first simulator flight test of DreamMaker in Brazil.  Flying eVTOL taxes are quickly emerging as part of the future of urban travel.

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