Unique Autonomous, Solar Boat - 0 Emissions

Super Yacht Powered by the Sun

Source:  Nemesis Yachts One

Autonomous Wing Sailing 

Nemesis Yachts has created the ultimate solar powered, autonomous super yacht - the Nemesis One - with zero emissions.  The yacht is powered by the sun, propelled by electric and hydrogen energy and is totally autonomous.  The company says it is the world's first high speed, autonomous, hydrofoil luxury catamaran.  It operates silently with no fumes and no emissions.  This concept is a breakthrough piece of ocean sailing technology, incorporating solar, hydrogen and electric energy breakthroughs.

Zoom in on Specifics

The yacht is huge: 332 feet in length and the hi-tech, automated sail is 292 feet high.  It has a cruising speed of 35 knots and top speed of 50 knots.  It is zooms through the ocean by autonomous hydrofoils and the autonomous wing sail. There are different interior modular configurations that can be removed for instance to go into an ultra light racing mode.

Automatically Adjusting Wing Sails to Conditions

Nemesis Yachts specializes in multi-hull ships that are fast, comfortable and emissions free.  Nemesis One has a carbon fiber build.  If it goes from concept to reality by someone ordering it, the catamaran will be the world's fastest luxury hydrofoil yacht.  According to the company, the wing sail automatically adjusts to conditions.  There is no need for manual handling.  The company says the wing sail is 2&1/2 times more productive than a traditional sail.  

Data-Driven Lidar Equipped Vessel

Both the sail and the hydrofoils adjust through data collected and analyzed by next generation Lidar sensors that capture the yacht's surroundings.  The data includes real time ocean conditions, like wave heights, shape and frequency.  Concerning price, there are estimates of $90 million to have a Nemesis One for your own adventure into very high tech sailing and racing.


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