Microsoft's Smart New Phone

 Surface Duo

Source:  Microsoft 

Microsoft's Return to Mobile Phones

After a four year hiatus, Microsoft is returning to the mobile phone business.  It just unveiled and began taking orders for its new Surface Duo. Microsoft calls the phone revolutionary.  It spent five years creating it.  The company claims it enables increased mobile productivity via the dual screens. They add it contains the best of Microsoft 365, every app from Google Play store and a system that seamlessly works together.

Android Operating System

The dual screen phone runs on Google's Android operating system.  The user can use two different apps on each screen simultaneously. The screens are connected by a 360 degree hinge that allows for both horizontal and vertical use.

Phone Price Wars

The Microsoft Surface Duo is sleek, thin and pricey - $1,399.  It's ringing into a tough, bumpy COVID threatened economy and is up against very tough competition.  Both Google and Apple are rolling out new smart phones loaded with capabilities in the $400 price range.  Microsoft is offering up to $700 back on qualified phone trade-ins to reduce the price-tag. 

$500 Billion Global Market

Microsoft is re-entering the global smart phone market which is now valued at a half Trillion dollars.  Currently, the market is dominated by Apple, Samsung and Huawei.


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