World's Most Efficient Jet

 New Bullet Plane - Celera 500L

Source:  Otto Aviation Celera 500L 

Invention of Otto Aviation of California

A mystery, bullet shaped aircraft, long the subject of speculation, has finally been revealed.  It's called the Celera 500L and it's the invention of California based Otto Aviation.  Until now, the development of the plane has been totally under wraps.  It's being called the world's most fuel efficient plane.

Incredible Fuel Efficiency

The Celera 500L is a six person private jet that flies at the speed of a jet but with 8 times lower fuel consumption.  Add to that the range is double that of a similarly sized aircraft.  The company says 31 successful test flights have been performed.  They claim the Celera 500L is the world's "most fuel efficient, commercially viable aircraft in existence."


This jet runs at 18 to 25 miles per gallon of fuel economy versus 2 to 3 miles per gallon of fuel economy for a regular jet.  It can reach speeds of 460 mph, has a range of 4,500 nautical miles and the $328 hourly operating costs are six times lower than a comparable jet.  The company says it can service virtually any city to city route in the US without refueling.

How Can It Provide This Kind of Performance?

The magic is the smooth bullet shape and it comes down to laminar flow.  That is the minimum drag amount for the aircraft's surface and allows for smooth layers of air flow.  The plane's aerodynamic airframe requires a lot less horsepower to operate.  Its RED A03 engine can run on biodiesel or Jet A1 fuel.  First commercial deliveries are expected in 2025.  The aircraft now needs to go through the certification process.


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