New Car Drives on Sunshine with Range

 From the Netherlands, a Long Range, Solar E-Car

Source:  Lightyear One

Lightyear One

Dutch automaker Lightyear has invented the Lightyear One - an all electric car powered by solar energy.  It's expected to hit the market in 2021.  It's the world's first, long range, solar powered, electric car.  A prototype has been released and mass production and deliveries will start in 2021.  The company says this car will provide the driver with 100% clean energy.  The asking price is $165,000.

Long Range & Electric Plug-In Option

The car's 4 electric engines are powered by a custom built 60 kWh battery pack. The Lightyear One is covered with 16 sq. feet of integrated solar cells that are encased in safety glass to protect them from damage.  The sun's solar energy can serve as the only energy source.  But, the car also packs an electric plug-in option as an alternative energy source. A single overnight plug in charge provides 450 mile range. The plug-in enables up to 60 kw of fast charging and a range of  350 miles.   A charge from the Sun provides 7.5 mile range per hour.  But if you leave the car in the Sun for 2 days, with 9 hours of sunshine per day, that will provide a 140 mile range.

Dawn of Solar, Sustainable Driving

There are several promising solar cars under development, including one by Hyundai.  But Lightyear One is setting the pace.  It's speeding to market, is long range and can be 100% solar powered. It's made of sleek, ultra light materials.  Lightyear says this solar car is built to last a lifetime.


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