Tesla as a Global Green Energy Provider

 Tesla/Elon Musk Solar Energy Bundle for Consumers

Source:  Tesla Solar Home 

First New Target Market is Europe

Tesla is already the world's #1 electric vehicle automaker.  Founder & CEO ELon Musk is now considering offering a home energy package to consumers that would bundle solar panels and roofs, Powerwall energy storage and electric vehicle chargers.  It's the whole package for going solar at home and driving clean, green electric vehicles.  Tesla is currently surveying customers in Germany for their appetite of going very green and for their specific green energy needs.  The bottom-line:  entrepreneur Musk is attempting to add a brilliant layer of business onto Tesla electric vehicle operations as a global green energy utility to service his customers and new green customers' needs.  He has petitioned to be granted licensing as a utility in the UK and already has a small grid system in Australia.


Tesla is very methodical in its approach and in the survey wants to know how important to potential customers of its Energy Service Package the following components are:

  • Supply to your home of clean, green energy
  • Importance of home energy storage system
  • Solar panel and solar roof needs
  • Need for Tesla Wall Connector EV charging device
  • Need for access to a public electric vehicle charging networks

Big Solar/Electric Expansion Plans

In the survey and marketing material Tesla is also mentioning the potential of grid services.  CEO Musk wants to expand his solar and electric products globally.  Currently, the solar panels and roofs are available in the US.  This news blog gives you a view into how methodically Musk works as a business entrepreneur to expand his innovations into global markets.  His approach is unique, bold and innovative.


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