Amazon's New Wearable


Source:  Amazon Halo

Body and Tone

Amazon just announced its first major offering in the wearable, health wristband market.  Amazon's new Halo wristband monitors heart rate, cardio, temperature and sleep patterns.  But it also contains two unique trackers:

  • Body which produces a 3D body scan by smartphone photos.  It then uses AI to calculate body fat percentages.
  • Tone uses built in microphones to listen to the wearer's voice and determine their emotional state.

The personal health data can be accessed on the wearer's smartphone screen.  Another unusual feature is the pricing structure.  It costs $64.99 to buy and after six months, the owner pays a $3.99/month subscription fee for body fat screenings, voice analysis and other features.

Huge Market Opportunity

Halo brings Amazon into the $52 billion wearables market which is rapidly growing.  At the moment, Apple is dominant, racking in 51% of the smartwatch revenue globally in the first half of 2020.


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