Boeing Developing UV Wand for COVID Kill

 Boeing's UV Wand Being Tested to Neutralize COVID on Planes

Source:  Boeing

Sanitizes Plane Cabins and Cockpits

Boeing is developing a hand-held wand that emits ultraviolet light to kill the COVID-19 virus, other viruses and bacteria.  The initial use and testing has been on planes, their cockpits and passenger cabins.  The UV wand is part of a suite of technologies to neutralize the COVID virus that Boeing is developing.  But the UV wand is so promising, Boeing may take it to market for commercial use this fall/winter. It likely has commercial use beyond planes.

New UV Wand Tested with 13 Airlines

According to Boeing's Chief Engineer for ecoDemonstator programs, Rae Lutters, the wand eliminates the need to use alcohol and other disinfectants on surfaces that could damage sensitive electronic equipment.  Boeing has been working on the UV Wand tests with 13 different airlines.

Great Results

Boeing is so pleased with its test results, it is looking to license the UV Wand and hire 3rd party companies to manufacture it this fall for commercial use.  Boeing is also testing an anti-microbial coating for aircraft surfaces to kill the COVID virus.  These are great new, innovative approaches to neutralizing the COVID-19 virus on planes.  It is technology at the cutting edge with the potential of wider applications.


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