Flying & Sky Diving on Sunshine

World's 1st Parachute Jump from a Solar-Powered Plane

Source:  SolarStratos

Flying on Sunshine, Parachuting Through the Air

It's the world's first solar skydive.  Parachutist/pilot/adventurer Raphael Domjan safely completed the world's first jump from a solar powered, electric plane over Switzerland.  The plane soared to an altitude of 5,000 feet.  In his descent, Domjan reaches speeds of 93 mph (150 kilometers per hour).  The flight and dive were designed to showcase the power and potential of solar, electric powered aircraft.

SolarStratos Project

Domjan is the founder of the SolarStratos project, which organized the historic Solar SkyDive.  He co-piloted the plane during its ascent.  He is the first parachutist to jump from an electric plane.  He believes that flying in green, electric planes will change forever the future of the sport for skydivers.  

Next Takeoffs

In 2022, the SolarStratos team hopes to make more history.  They aim to fly a solar powered, electric plane to the stratosphere and reach an altitude of 65,617 feet (20,000 meters).


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