UK Targets Climate Change and Pollution

 UK and Legally Binding Environmental Targets

Source:  London's Richmond Park 

Fighting Climate Change

Britain is rolling out legally binding environmental targets to combat climate change.  The targets include cleaner water, reduced air pollution, waste reduction and more biodiversity.  The legally mandated targets are designed to improve the environment and rebuild the economy.  The new legislation, set to be considered by Parliament, will force the current and future British governments to focus on improving the environment.

Build Back Green

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to "build back green" as the British economy was cut by 20% in the second quarter of 2020 by COVID-19 lockdowns and shutdowns.  A new watchdog agency "The Office for Environmental Protection" is being established to monitor the UK's progress toward the environmental targets.  The Office will also oversee the government's progress toward its commitment to have the UK be net-zero emissions by 2050.  Britain was the first G7 nation to commit to that 2050 net zero-emissions target.  And, it will be hosting the UN's Climate Change Summit in November 2021.  The 2020 Summit has been postponed because of COVID-19.


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