China's Smart, Green, Fast Transport Plans

 China's 600 kmph Trains

Source:  Smart Hiway Stock Image

Smart Highways, Smart Ships, Smart Trains, Smart Autonomous Vehicles

According to China's Ministry of Transport (MOT), the country is developing very high-speed Maglev trains capable of travelling 600 kmph (373 mph) and high speed passenger trains capable of travelling 400 kmph (249 mph).  Models of the Maglev have been launched this summer at a factory in eastern China's Shandong Province.  China has revolutionary plans for its transportation system.  It is currently developing a world-leading transportation network loaded with smart and digital technologies, including 5G, Artificial Intelligence and remote sensing satellites making for very smart highways and a very smart transport system.

2025 Transportation & Energy Sources

The Chinese government's blueprint is substantial.  By 2025, it intends to expand the use of smart ships, smart boats, smart trains and smart autonomous vehicles.  It also includes new construction of green energy infrastructure to cut emissions, pollution and save energy.  For instance, on highways, China's MOT says they will deploy solar power generation facilities and ultra fast electric vehicle recharging stations.  The MOT will also encourage the use of "clean bunker fuels" like LNG.  And in ports, they will develop wave/shore power technologies.

On Track For a Green Future

The Chinese government expects to fund these smart transportation and green energy projects with government funding and private capital.  This is China's vision and blueprint to lead the world in transportation and green energy innovation in its transport network by 2025.


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