New Delhi's Successful COVID Weapon

 New Delhi's Proactive Monitoring Model

Source:  New Delhi Oxygen Level Monitor

Free Oxygen Level Monitors for COVID Patients at Home

The government of New Delhi has distributed tiny oxygen monitors to 32,000 people for free.  It's a key part of a plan to keep asymptomatic or mildly sick COVID patients isolated and at home.  The tiny, $13.00 oxygen level monitor, known as a pulse monitor, relays each patients' oxygen level readings twice a day via Whats App to health care professionals.  It's a critical reading because when oxygen levels go low in a COVID patient, complications set in.  Indian health care experts say the system enables then to find out in time if a patient's symptoms are about to worsen and refer them to hospitals.

Proactive Monitoring

The process started to be implemented in May when COVID cases were surging in New Delhi, a city of 20 million where hospitals were being strained to the limit.  Health authorities noticed what they call "happy hypoxemia" which is low blood oxygen without breathlessness.  They found the condition led to COVID complications in patients at home.  They distributed the $13 devices to provide 2 times a day monitoring for low oxygen levels and it has worked.  India has had 3.5 million COVID infections.  New Delhi has had 173,000 cases with only 14,700 now active.  Many New Delhi hospital are now empty.

New Delhi Model

Other cities around the world are implementing the New Delhi model, including Singapore.  It has saved significant money and lives.  New Delhi has had no deaths among COVID patients at home in the past two months.

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